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Our caster wheels cover industrial, commercial, medical, furniture, and other industries.

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Casters for Industrial

1000+ industrial casters are available, high-quality industrial casters can save your production cost to the maximum.

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Casters for Furniture

Quiet, durable furniture casters, some of our casters have a service over 5 years, making your products stand out.

Bullcaster Medical industry casters

Casters for Medical

Strong and durable, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, anti-static, anti-bacteria, let casters play a greater role in the medical industry.

Casters used in the aircraft industry

Special Industry Casters

Solved the caster needs of high-end industries for dozens of customers, such as aircraft and chip manufacturing.

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All inquiries we receive will be answered within 12 hours. if it is urgent, you can call us directly.

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We can help you source other products, helping you save your time and reduce risk.

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Before before placing an order, We can provide you with free samples of all casters for testing.

Custom Service

If you have custom requirements for casters, please contact us to send the requirements.

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Purchase high-quality casters from castor wheel manufacturers directly.

BullCaster-Trust castor wheel supplier

Bullcaster is a leading caster wheel manufacturer in China, supplying 2000+skus of high-quality casters to worldwide customers.

Our casters include industrial casters, medical casters, furniture casters, trolley wheels,  heavy-duty casters, and wheels & accessories.

In the past 10 years, we have served more than 300 customers every year. If you are looking for a caster supplier, please do not hesitate to contact us as 98% of our customers give us positive reviews.

Get in touch with us now for free caster samples and any support.

What Makes Us the Best in the Caster Industry

Top Caster Wheel China

Comparison of high-quality caster raw materials and inferior caster raw materials

A Grade Material

Bullcaster uses high-quality, non-recycled new plastic particles as raw materials for wheel production, such as rubber and PU particles, ensuring the stability and impact resistance of the wheel life.

Comparison of different quality wheel bracket steel plates

Good Steel Sheet

The strength of the caster bracket determines the load-carrying capacity and safety of the caster. Bullcaster has always used thickened high-strength steel plates as the raw material of the caster bracket.

Comparison-between-high quality and low quality bearings

High-end Bearing

The quality of the caster bearings affects the working noise and working life of the casters. Bullcaster has always used high-quality bearing steel bearings to extend the life of the casters.

Strong Caster Packaging vs Fragile Caster Packaging

Worry-Free Package

Our more than 5,000 export experiences tell us that good packaging is an important part of ensuring the quality of casters, and we have always done a good job in this regard.




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Our casters cover a variety of applications:

Logistics transportation: Our casters are widely used in various transportation tools, such as handcarts, forklifts, AGV trucks, etc.
Medical industry: Many medical equipment, such as beds and examination tables, are equipped with our casters.

Industrial industry: Various equipment used in factories and workshops, such as machine tools, machining centers, etc., are often equipped with casters.

Home Furnishing Industry: Castors are also widely used in furniture and home appliance products, such as sofas, wardrobes, refrigerators, etc.

Public facilities: In public places such as airports, stations, shopping malls, etc., casters are widely used in various service facilities and luggage carts.

1) Steel: Steel casters are known for their strength and durability. They are ideal for heavy-duty applications that require the ability to support large loads.

2) Polyurethane: Polyurethane casters are durable and offer excellent load-bearing capacity. They are also resistant to wear and tear, making them ideal for rough or uneven surfaces.

3) Rubber: Rubber casters are commonly used for lighter-duty applications. They provide good shock absorption and can handle a range of temperatures.

4) Nylon: Nylon casters are lightweight and provide excellent chemical and impact resistance. They are ideal for applications that require a high degree of mobility.

5) Plastic: Plastic casters are lightweight and offer good resistance to corrosion, impact, and moisture. They are commonly used in food service and healthcare applications.

We can provide you with a systematic castor solution. For your upcoming castor project requirements, please contact us directly, and our engineers will reply to you within 24 hours


We can provide caster and wheels custom service.

Such as plate size, hole distance, bracket type, instal height, wheel diameter and width. etc.

The minimum order quantity for Bullcaster casters depends on the type of wheel and whether there are customization requirements. Generally speaking, our minimum order quantity is easily accepted. You can now consult us for the quotation and minimum order quantity of the casters you require


We can send you free samples for quality test, you just need to pay the freight cost. we will also offset your sample shipping costs in your bulk orders.

For products with common specifications, our production time is usually 3-7 days, and 80% of the orders can be shipped within 7-10days.

If the order has customized requirements, the delivery time depends on the customized production schedule at that time.

If you find any problems with the goods after receiving them, such as incorrect specifications, damaged packaging, loss of goods, quality defects, etc., please keep the photos, videos, and other information in a timely manner, and contact us. We will provide you with solutions within 24 hours, and we will not let any customers bear unnecessary losses

We accept the following types of payments:

TT (DBS Bank)
RMB (personal and company account)
L/C (Sight letter of credit)
Western Union

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