Solid Rubber Casters Wheels

BULLCASTER is a supplier of various types of solid soft rubber casters with 10+ years of experience.

Soild Rubber Wheel Manufacturer

Rubber casters are used in a wide range of applications. As an experienced caster manufacturer, we provide hundreds of customers with high-quality rubber casters every year. We can produce soft rubber casters, hard rubber casters, TPR casters, etc. The wheel size is 2/3 /4/5/6/8 inches optional.

If you have customized needs, we can also provide you with a customized wheel, like top plate size, mounting hole distance, bracket type, and wheel width.

For any upcoming projects that require rubber casters, please contact us and we will explore how best to meet your needs. Fill out the online form now to get our support.

Rubber Cater Wheels

soft rubber caster wheel for furniturer

Soft Rubber Casters for Furniture

Rubber caster series suitable for the furniture industry, 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 inches are optional, and a variety of installation methods are available.


Heavy Duty Rubber Casters

Thickened caster bracket, high-quality rubber wheel, 4/5/6/8/10/12 inches optional, special specifications with a maximum load of 500kg.


Inudstrial Solid Rubber Casters

Solid industrial elastic rubber wheel, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, 3/4/5/6/8 inches optional, load capacity up to 150kg.

rubber ball casters

Rubber Ball Casters

Spherical casters made of die-cast rubber material are quieter and more environmentally friendly than PP materials. 1.5/2 inches are optional.


Iron Core Rubber Caster Wheels

High load casters made of cast iron and hard rubber, 6/8/10 inches optional, the best load can reach 1000kg.


Thermoplastic Rubber Wheels

High elastic TPR rubber casters, ball bearings, best mute effect, 2/3/4/5/6 inches optional.


Trash Can Casters

High cost performance, 6/8 inches optional, plastic core/iron core optional, load capacity up to 250kg.


Single Rubber Wheels

Various sizes and types of rubber single wheel accessories, can be equipped with bearings and sleeves.


Custom Rubber Casters

Customization for special needs, such as: caster top plate size, bracket size, wheel width, load capacity, etc.

Advantages of Rubber Castor Wheels

Wear Resistance

Rubber casters have good wear resistance and can be used for a long time in a variety of road environments without damage, extending the service life.

Shock Absorption

the elasticity of rubber casters can effectively absorb the vibration and impact of the ground, reduce damage to vehicles, equipment and goods.

Low Working Noise

The noise generated by the friction between the rubber casters and the ground is relatively small, which can provide a relatively quiet working environment

Good Insulation

Rubber casters have good insulation performance, which can prevent the passage of current, provide electrical and static protection, and reduce the occurrence of electrical accidents.

Top-Grade Rubber Wheel Raw Materials

BULLCASTER uses high-quality natural rubber granules as the raw material of the wheels, and we do not use recycled plastic granules, so as to ensure the stability and service life of the wheels.

For the wheel bracket, we use steel plate raw material with compliant thickness to ensure that its load capacity meets the requirements.


Rubber Caster Fcactory Technology

All of our production processes are based on the ISO9001 quality management system. This ensures the quality of each batch of rubber wheels.

1. Selection of rubber particles and die casting.

2. Caster bracket stamping, welding, surface treatment.

3. Caster assembly, quality inspection, and testing.

4. Casters are packed and shipped.

Top Rubber Wheel Manufacturer - Why Bullcaster

Workers at the caster factory at work
Casters manufacturer Bullcaster
Workers at the caster factory are assembling casters

Bullcaster can provide you with a full range of rubber caster products. In the past 10 years, we have provided high-quality rubber casters to more than 1,000 customers around the world. The vast majority of customers can purchase casters that they are satisfied with from us.

We can provide you with the following services:
1. Certificate or test report: Our wheels can provide you with various inspection reports and test certificates.
2. Fast delivery: We can deliver standard rubber wheel products within 7 days, and customized products can be delivered in about 1 month.
3. Customized service: We can customize and produce caster products according to your needs.
4. Logistics services: Our professional sales staff can solve all logistics and transportation problems for you.

Application of Rubber Casters

casters supplier-for-furniture-industrial

Rubber casters are commonly used on the legs of furniture pieces like chairs, tables, and cabinets. They allow for smooth and quiet movement, protect floors from scratches, and provide stability.


Industrial Equipment

In industrial settings, rubber casters are used on carts, trolleys, and equipment to facilitate easy movement of heavy loads. They can absorb shocks and vibrations, protecting both the equipment and the items being transported.

Bullcaster Medical industry casters

Medical carts and devices often use rubber casters for their ability to provide a smooth and quiet rolling motion, making them ideal for hospitals and healthcare facilities.


Hospitality and Food Service

In hotels, restaurants, and catering businesses, rubber casters are used on equipment such as serving carts, utility carts, and kitchen equipment. They offer both mobility and floor protection.

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