Polypropylene(PP) Wheels and Casters

Bullcaster supplies and produces over 100 models and sizes of PP casters, and our customization capabilities allow us to solve almost any problem for you.

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We are a supplier of Polypropylene casters and wheel accessories located in China, we have 10 years of industry experience in the caster industry and can solve the supply and solutions of PP casters for you.

Our PP casters cover light casters, medium casters, heavy casters, and wheels. We can also provide customization of wheels and brackets, such as top plate size, bracket type, and braking method.

For your upcoming needs about PP casters, you can consult us now to get a quote and any support. For your upcoming needs about PP casters, you can consult us now to get a quote and any support. Our engineers and sales managers will reply to you within 12 hours.

Polypropylene Casters

polypropylene caster wheels

Light and Medium Duty PP Casters

Wheel Diameter: 1/1.25/1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8 inches optional
Color: Black/White
Wheel Width: 30mm/ 50mm (2 Inch)
Load capacity: up to 400kg
Bracket: Galvanized bracket, stainless steel.
Install type: Stem, Fixed, Swivel, Swivel with brake
Brake: side brake, swivel brake

light duty PP casters
White PP Caster
Black PP Caster

PP Caster Wheels

Wheel size: 1/1.25/1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/6 inches optional
Wheel thickness: 25mm/30mm/37mm/50mm
Wheel Hole Size: 6mm/ 10mm
Bearing: No bearing/ball bearing
Material: Polypropylene

Advantages of Polypropylene Castors


Polypropylene is a lightweight material, which makes polypropylene castors easy to maneuver and install. This is particularly useful in applications where weight restrictions or ease of handling are important.

Corrosion Resistance

Polypropylene is highly resistant to corrosion, making these castors ideal for use in environments where exposure to moisture, chemicals, or corrosive substances is a concern. They won't rust or corrode over time.


Polypropylene castors are often more cost-effective than castors made from other materials, such as stainless steel or high-performance plastics. This can make them an attractive option for budget-conscious applications.

Temperature Resistance

Polypropylene can withstand a wide range of temperatures, making polypropylene castors suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in various climates.

Application of Polypropylene Casters

wholesale-casters-for-industrial application

Industrial and Manufacturing

In Industrial and Manufacturing settings, Polypropylene casters are pivotal for enhancing efficiency. They are utilized on material handling carts, tool boxes, and workbenches, ensuring smooth transportation of heavy loads while withstanding industrial chemicals. For high-quality, durable Polypropylene casters tailored to your needs, contact us today. Streamline your operations and improve workplace productivity with our dependable caster solutions. Send us your inquiries now and experience the difference!


Retail and Display

In Retail and Display, Polypropylene casters play a crucial role in creating dynamic store layouts. They are commonly used on display racks, clothing racks, and movable shelving units, facilitating easy rearrangement and enhancing customer experiences. Elevate your retail space with our high-quality Polypropylene casters designed for durability and ease of use. Contact us today to inquire about our caster solutions, and transform your store into a flexible and dynamic retail environment. Send your inquiries now and give your retail space a competitive edge!



In Agriculture, Polypropylene casters are essential for farm equipment mobility. They are commonly used on farm carts, mobile feeders, and equipment, ensuring durability and resistance to outdoor conditions. Enhance your farming operations with our reliable Polypropylene casters. Contact us today to inquire about our caster solutions, designed to withstand rugged outdoor environments and facilitate the smooth movement of agricultural equipment.


DIY and Home Improvement

In DIY and Home Improvement projects, Polypropylene casters offer versatility and convenience. They are commonly used on mobile workbenches, tool storage solutions, and DIY furniture, making it easy to move heavy items and create adaptable spaces. Elevate your DIY projects with our durable Polypropylene casters.

Caster Manufacturing Based on ISO9001 Certificate

PP caster production process based on ISO9001 quality management system.

Our quality supervision covers all aspects of casters’ raw materials, wheel production, bracket stamping, welding, surface treatment, assembly, testing, packaging, etc. to ensure that the casters received by each of our customers are casters that pass the quality inspection.

Bullcaster caster wheel manufacturer

Best PP Casters Service

We provide one-stop PP caster solutions.

1. Drawing service: We can provide CAD drawings according to your needs.
2. Solution: We can provide the best caster solution according to your needs, you can get a free consultation now.
3. Customized services: All casters can provide you with customized services, such as brackets, special sizes, components, etc.

Why Choose Bullcaster's Phenolic Casters

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Discover the Bullcaster advantage! As a leading PP caster supplier in Foshan, China, nestled in the world’s largest caster industry belt, we offer unbeatable cost advantages. Our strategic location near major ports like Guangzhou, Shekou, and Foshan ensures seamless exports, saving you substantial inland transportation costs.

With our impressive production capacity, we guarantee lightning-fast deliveries, with standard casters shipped within 7 days and custom solutions within 30 days.

Plus, leave the hassle of caster transportation to us! We provide efficient sea, air, and rail transportation services, saving you time and energy.

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