High Temperature Casters & Wheels

Bullcaster has been manufacturing different types of high-heat casters and wheels for almost 10 years, We have more than 100 types of casters that can be used in high-temperature environments.

High Temperature Casters Supplier

Bullcaster is an experienced caster supplier in China, we produce fiberglass nylon casters, phenolic casters, cast iron casters, silicone casters, stainless steel casters, these high temperature resistant casters are suitable for different high temperature needs.

If you have customized needs, we can also provide you with customized services for casters, such as wheel diameter, width, base plate size, mounting hole spacing, bracket thickness, etc. We can meet almost any of your needs.

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Heat Resistant Casters Series

heat resistant stainless caster wheel

Heat Resistant Nylon Wheel

High-temperature resistant nylon casters are designed to withstand elevated temperatures, typically up to 250°C (482°F), making them suitable for use in industrial and heavy-duty applications. 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch available. Load capacity up to 150kg. 2 colors optional.

Phenolic casters supplier-Bullcaster

Phenolic Casters

High-temperature phenolic casters are heat-resistant, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 280°C. They offer durability and load-bearing capacity for industrial applications in extreme heat environments.4, 5, 6, 8inch available, load capacity up to 380KG.

plate swivel with brake Silica gel high temperature resistant caster

Silicone Casters

Heat-resistant silicone casters are designed to endure high temperatures, often up to 220°C. They provide smooth mobility, making them suitable for use in hot environments like bakeries and industrial ovens. 3, 4, 5, inch available. load capacity up to 110kg.


Iron High Heat Casters

Cast iron casters exhibit exceptional high-temperature resistance, enduring temperatures exceeding 1000°F (538°C). Their rugged construction and ability to bear heavy loads make them ideal for extreme heat industrial applications. Various sizes and bracket types are available.

6'' stainless steel Phenolic casters

SUS High Heat Casters

Heat-resistant casters with stainless steel brackets offer exceptional durability and corrosion resistance, making them ideal for high-temperature environments. They provide both heat resistance and strength in industrial settings.3, 4, 5, and 6-inch stainless steel brackets are optional.

BLACK phenolic wheel

Caster's Wheels

Heat-resistant caster wheels are usually easy to age. We provide heat-resistant caster wheels in various sizes and are equipped with bearings and sleeves to facilitate your replacement needs.

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High Temp Casters Applications


Bakeries and commercial kitchens.

In bakeries and commercial kitchens, heat resistant casters are used on equipment like ovens, dough mixers, and racks to facilitate easy movement in hot environments. This ensures efficient and safe food preparation and baking processes.


Foundries and metalworking.

In foundries and metalworking, high-temperature resistant casters are employed on heavy machinery, such as molten metal ladles and industrial furnaces, enabling safe and efficient transportation in the extreme heat of metal casting and fabrication processes.


Glass and ceramics manufacturing.

High temp resistant casters are essential in glass and ceramics manufacturing to move kilns, ovens, and heavy equipment safely in environments with extreme heat, ensuring efficient production and material handling.


Chemical and pharmaceutical production.

High heat casters are used in chemical and pharmaceutical production for the mobility of equipment like reactors and autoclaves, ensuring safe handling in high-temperature and chemically aggressive environments.


Food processing and canning.

In food processing and canning, high-heat castors are employed on equipment such as autoclaves and cooking vessels, allowing for safe and efficient movement in high-heat food processing environments.

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Bullcaster provides free caster sample service, you only need to pay the shipping fee to get our samples.

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We can achieve fast delivery within 7-10 days to ensure that you can receive the goods in time.

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We can provide cargo transportation services, sea transportation, land transportation, air transportation

Custom Service

If you have casters drawings or samples, we can customize casters for you.

Get High Heat Casters from Bullcaster

Bullcaster will be your reliable caster and wheels supplier. We have a 20,000-square-meter factory, 100+ workers, and an experienced trade team of more than 10 people. For any of your needs regarding heat-resistant casters, we can provide you with solutions that are suitable for you. Our rich experience has helped hundreds of customers achieve great business success.


Production Based on Iso9001 Quality Management System

Quality is the basis of our survival. All Bullcaster caster production is based on the ISO quality management system. Our quality supervision covers the selection of raw materials, wheel injection molding, assembly, quality inspection, testing, packaging, and other processes to ensure that our customers receive the best quality. Every wheel is of high quality.

Why Choose Bullcaster?

Comparison of high-quality caster raw materials and inferior caster raw materials
Comparison-between-high quality and low quality bearings
Strong Caster Packaging vs Fragile Caster Packaging

We want to do better

1. High-quality raw materials: Generally speaking, the wheels of heat-resistant casters are the most susceptible to damage because the high-temperature environment is the greatest test for the wheels. In order to improve the durability of the wheels, Bullcaster uses the highest quality raw materials to produce wheels to ensure the service life of the wheels. We The heat-resistant casters have a service life of more than one year under normal circumstances.

2. Better bearings: The bearings of the wheels affect the running flexibility of the casters. We have always equipped the casters with high-quality bearings to ensure the flexible rotation of the wheels and better load-bearing capacity.

3. Good Package: We will pack each product firmly to ensure that the casters will not be damaged during transportation, and do our best to reduce customer risks.

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