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Medical Casters

Due to the unique nature of the medical environment, specially designed medical casters are crucial in this field. Frequent contact with liquids and chemicals in medical settings necessitates that casters must withstand regular cleaning and disinfection processes. Materials like chrome, stainless steel, and nylon excel in this regard, as they are not only rust-resistant but also able to resist chemical corrosion. Moreover, noise control in medical equipment is extremely important, especially in areas requiring a tranquil environment such as recovery rooms or wards. Therefore, these casters are equipped with precision bearings, ensuring that equipment movement is both smooth and quiet, thereby minimizing disturbance and discomfort to patients.

Bullcaster is a medical caster manufacturer with ten years of production experience. We have more than 100 medical caster models to choose from.The medical casters we produce are widely used in medical equipment, medical carts, hospital beds, and other application scenarios, and we can also provide you with customized services for medical casters to meet your special needs.

More than 50 manufacturers in the medical field choose our medical casters every year. For your upcoming medical caster needs, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with a quote and support.

Medical Castors Wheels Series


Plastic Medical Caster Wheel

Medical casters made entirely of plastic, plastic bracket + TPR wheels, 3/4/5 inches optional, single wheel load capacity up to 120kg.

tpr casters series

Steel Bracket TPR Medical Casters

Medical casters made of galvanized brackets and TPR wheels are cost-effective and available in 2/3/4/5/6 inches, with a load capacity of up to 150kg.

light duty stainless steel tpr casters

Stainless Steel TPR Medical Casters

304 stainless steel bracket + TPR wheels medical caster, excellent anti-corrosion performance, 2/3/4/5 inches optional, load capacity up to 120kg.

America style foot cover medical caster wheel with brake

Hospital Trolley Wheels

ABS cover + TPR wheels, chemical corrosion resistance, antimicrobial, available in 3, 4, and 5 inches., load capacity up to 200kg.

Theread stem swivel medical caster wheel

Dual Wheel PU Medical Casters

Double-wheeled PU medical wheel, with good wear resistance and wide range of uses, available in 2, 3, and 4 inches.

5inch medical caster for hospital bed

5 Inch & 6 Inch Hospital Bed Casters

Large-sized medical wheels, 5 inches or 6 inches are optional, the length of the insertion rod is optional, and the load of a single wheel can reach 200kg.

In emergencies, medical equipment must be able to move quickly and smoothly while maintaining its structural integrity. The design of medical casters can withstand the repetitive use and high-intensity operation found in medical environments, thereby ensuring the reliability of equipment in critical moments. Although these casters are labeled as “medical”, their characteristics also make them highly suitable for other environments where chemicals might be present, or where low-noise casters are required. Therefore, medical casters are not only a vital component of the medical industry but also an ideal choice for any environment requiring high standards and special considerations.

Medical Castor Wheels Features

Infection Control

Medical casters are often designed with smooth, sealed surfaces to prevent the accumulation of dirt, debris, and pathogens.

Corrosion Resistance

Medical casters are often constructed from materials that resist corrosion, such as stainless steel or ABS.

Quiet Operation

To minimize noise in clinical environments, medical casters are engineered for quiet and smooth movement.


Medical casters are made of TPR or PU material with suitable soft and hard texture and have excellent floor protection performance.

Top Medical Caster Company

Bullcaster is the top medical caster supplier. We sell more than 200,000 medical casters every year. The quality of our products has been tested by hundreds of customers. We have supplied medical casters to more than 200 customers. More and more customers choose to work with us. 


ISO9001 Medical Caster Factory

The production of medical casters is different from ordinary casters and requires more stringent technology and quality control. All of Bullcaster’s caster production is based on the ISO9001 quality management system to ensure the stable quality of each caster.

Why Choose Bullcaster's Medical Casters

Comparison-between-high quality and low quality bearings
Comparison of different quality wheel bracket steel plates
Comparison of high-quality caster raw materials and inferior caster raw materials

In order to produce better medical casters, we have been strict with ourselves.

1. Better raw materials: Our wheel raw materials are all made of new plastic particles for injection molding to ensure the wheel’s impact resistance and load-bearing capacity; our bearings are all high-quality bearings to ensure the smooth operation of the wheel.

2. Fast and stable delivery: Stable delivery is crucial to our customers. Our delivery speed is the best in the industry. In most cases, we can complete the delivery of your order within 10 days. In addition, we can also solve your cargo transportation problems. We have rich experience to help you transport your goods to your designated location.

3. Perfect service: We provide 7*12 hours of service, and in most cases, any of your questions will be responded to within 24 hours.

Contact us and let us be your most reliable medical caster supplier.

Medical Caster Wheels Applications

Bullcaster medical casters offer an ideal solution for a wide range of medical instruments and equipment. These casters are specifically designed for use with medical beds, taking into account their exposure to various liquids and cleaning agents, making them exceptionally easy to clean. Their impervious materials leave little room for bacteria and viruses to hide, facilitating the easy eradication of these harmful microorganisms. In addition to their ease of cleaning, Bullcaster medical-grade casters are also highly valued for their durability and long lifespan. In hospitals or other medical settings, where emergencies are frequent and equipment is in continuous use, there is scarcely any time for repairing or replacing casters.


Hospital Bed Casters

Medical casters in hospital beds enable smooth and precise bed movement for optimal patient positioning and caregiver convenience. These casters offer locking mechanisms to secure beds in place, ensuring patient safety during medical procedures and transfers. They are designed for hygiene, minimizing the accumulation of dirt and pathogens. Quiet operation prevents patient disturbances. Furthermore, they are built to support the significant weight of hospital beds, mattresses, and accessories, ensuring durability and safety.


Medical Trolley Wheels

Medical casters are essential components of medical trolleys, enhancing their mobility and functionality in healthcare settings. These casters provide smooth and silent movement, allowing medical personnel to transport supplies, equipment, and medications with ease, reducing the risk of workplace injuries and saving time. Medical casters are designed to meet hygiene standards, featuring sealed surfaces that prevent the buildup of dirt and contaminants, thus contributing to a sterile environment. Their weight-bearing capacity accommodates the varying loads typically found on medical trolleys.


Medical Equipment Casters

Medical casters are integral components in both medical and beauty equipment, offering enhanced mobility and versatility in various healthcare and cosmetic settings. These casters facilitate the smooth movement of equipment, such as examination tables, treatment chairs, and cosmetic trolleys, making it easier to position patients or clients for procedures. The non-marking and quiet operation features prevent floor damage and minimize noise in both medical and beauty spaces.

Moreover, the safety features of these casters are also a critical consideration. Their design includes anti-slip functions and stability to ensure safe usage on various floor conditions. Especially during emergency responses or surgical procedures, it is crucial that medical equipment moves steadily and reliably to prevent accidents and enhance treatment efficiency. The structural strength and balanced design of Bullcaster casters also ensure stability during movement, reducing the risk of equipment toppling. Considering these characteristics, Bullcaster medical casters not only provide efficient functionality but also ensure the safety of patients and staff in medical environments.

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