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Bullcaster is a cart caster supplier with more than ten years of production experience. We supply cart casters to more than 500 customers around the world every year.

Our trolley casters include light-duty trolley casters, medium trolley casters, and heavy-duty trolley casters. They are available in a variety of materials such as PU, PP, Rubber, TPR, cast iron, stainless steel, etc. You can always find a caster that meets your needs.

In addition, we can also provide you with customized services, such as wheel diameter, width, installation height, top plate size, hole spacing, etc.

For your upcoming trolley wheel needs, please feel free to get in touch with our product experts.

Different Types of Trolley Wheels


Rubber Wheel for Trolley

Rubber trolley wheels are durable, resilient, and shock-absorbent due to their rubber composition. They provide good traction and reduce noise, making them suitable for various applications, including material handling and transportation, as they can roll smoothly and protect floors from damage.
1.54/2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8/12 inch optional, Load capacity up to 1000kg.


Cast Iron Trolley Wheels

Iron trolley wheels are robust and durable, capable of handling heavy loads and rough surfaces. They provide excellent weight-bearing capacity and are resistant to wear and tear. These wheels are well-suited for industrial and heavy-duty applications, offering stability and longevity in demanding environments.
1/1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8/10/12inch optional, Load capacity up to 3000kg.


PU Trolley Wheel

PU (Polyurethane) trolley wheels are known for their excellent load-bearing capacity, resistance to wear, and low rolling resistance. They offer a smooth and quiet ride, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. PU wheels are non-marking and provide good grip while protecting floor surfaces.
1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8/10 inch optional, Load capacity up tp 3000kg.


Stainless Steel Trolley Wheels

ss trolley wheel are corrosion-resistant, making them ideal for wet or harsh environments. They offer high load-bearing capacity, durability, and low maintenance. These wheels maintain their strength and appearance over time, making them suitable for applications where hygiene and longevity are essential.
1.5/2/3/4/5/6/8/10 inch optiona, load capacity up to 2000kg.

Pneumatic casters wheels

Pneumatic Trolley Wheels

Pneumatic trolley wheels feature air-filled rubber tires, providing excellent shock absorption and a smooth, cushioned ride. They are well-suited for outdoor and uneven surfaces, offering enhanced traction and reducing the risk of damage to transported goods.
6/8/10/12/14 inch optional. load capacity up to 250kg.

nylon trolley wheels

Nylon Wheels for Trolley

Nylon trolley wheels are lightweight, durable, and resistant to chemicals and moisture. They offer low rolling resistance and are known for their high load-bearing capacity. These wheels are suitable for various indoor and outdoor applications and are particularly effective on smooth surfaces due to their smooth, non-marking design.
1.5/2/3/4/5/6/8/10/12inch optional, load capacity up to 5000kg.

tpr casters series

Thermoplastic Casters

TPR has good wear resistance and tear resistance, and can maintain good performance in long-term use. It is widely used in the medical industry and furniture industry. The load capacity can reach 500kg, and 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 inches are available. , stainless steel bracket optional.

polypropylene caster wheels

Plastic Trolley Wheels

Plastic trolley wheels are lightweight, cost-effective, and resistant to corrosion and moisture. They offer smooth rolling on indoor surfaces, making them suitable for light to moderate load applications. However, they may not be as durable as other materials in heavy-duty or outdoor environments.


Hand Trolley Wheels

Hand trolley wheels are compact and designed for easy maneuverability. They often come in rubber or solid polyurethane options for smooth and quiet operation. These wheels provide stability and support for hand-operated carts, making them suitable for transporting various loads in indoor and outdoor settings.

Trolley Casters for Different Applications


Heavy Duty Industrial Trolley Wheels

Heavy-duty industrial trolley wheels are used in a wide range of applications requiring the transportation of heavy loads within industrial settings. Common applications include material handling in manufacturing plants, warehouses, construction sites, and distribution centers. These wheels are often subjected to demanding conditions, such as uneven surfaces, high loads, and frequent use.

Common wheel materials for heavy-duty industrial trolley wheels include:

1. Cast Iron: Known for its durability and weight-bearing capacity.
2. Polyurethane: Offers excellent load-bearing capacity and shock absorption.
3. Nylon: Resistant to chemicals and moisture, suitable for heavy loads.
4. Steel: Known for its strength and durability, ideal for rugged environments.
5. Rubber: Provides good traction and reduces noise, suitable for indoor applications.
6. Pneumatic: Air-filled tires for a cushioned ride on rough terrain.


Furniture Trolley Wheels

Furniture trolley wheels are used to facilitate the mobility of furniture items and are commonly found on chairs, tables, cabinets, and other pieces. They are designed for smooth and quiet movement on indoor surfaces, making it easy to rearrange furniture or transport it within a home or office. Common wheel materials for furniture trolley wheels include:

1. Plastic: Lightweight and affordable, suitable for light to moderate loads.
2. Rubber: Provides a cushioned ride, protects floors, and reduces noise.
3. Nylon: Offers durability and smooth rolling, ideal for heavier furniture.


Shopping Cart Casters

Shopping cart casters are used on shopping carts and retail equipment for easy maneuverability within stores and supermarkets. They are designed to provide smooth, quiet, and reliable movement, allowing customers to navigate aisles comfortably while carrying their items. Common wheel materials for shopping cart casters include:

1. Polyurethane: Offers good load-bearing capacity and shock absorption.
2. Rubber: Provides a cushioned ride, minimizes noise, and protects floors.
3. Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR): Combines durability with floor protection.


Hospital Medical Trolley Wheels

Medical trolley wheels are crucial components of healthcare equipment, including medical carts, hospital beds, and surgical tables. They are designed for precise maneuverability, ease of cleaning, and low noise to ensure a sanitary and quiet healthcare environment. Common wheel materials for medical trolley wheels include:

1. Antistatic Casters: Prevent the buildup of static electricity in sensitive medical equipment.
2. Polyurethane: Offers excellent load-bearing capacity and durability.
3. Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR): Combines durability with shock absorption and floor protection.
4. Stainless Steel: Resistant to corrosion and suitable for sterile environments.

These materials help maintain hygiene, prevent contamination, and facilitate efficient patient care in medical settings.


Airport Trolley Wheels

Airport trolley wheels are used on luggage carts and airport equipment to assist travelers in transporting their baggage efficiently within airport terminals. They must provide smooth, quiet, and reliable performance while withstanding heavy loads and constant use. Common wheel materials for airport trolley wheels include:

1. Rubber: Offers good grip and noise reduction while protecting terminal floors.
2. Polyurethane: Combines durability with shock absorption and load-bearing capacity.
3. Stainless Steel: Resistant to corrosion and suitable for outdoor use in various weather conditions.

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Trolly Wheel With High Technology

Bullcaster has 3 production centers in China, with a factory area of more than 20,000 square meters, 300 employees, 15 fully automatic production lines, 30 stamping equipment, and 6 injection molding machines. These strengths allow us to provide you with high-quality casters and services. .

Bullcaster caster wheel manufacturer
Casters manufacturer Bullcaster

Produced Based on ISO9001 Certificate

Bullcaster is also a factory certified by the ISO9001 quality management system. Our quality control runs through every aspect of the production of cartwheels:
1. Incoming material inspection, such as plastic particles and bracket steel
2. Injection molding of wheels and stamping of caster brackets
3. Caster assembly and testing
4. Packaging and transportation of casters

Why Bullcaster- Leading Trolley Wheels Company

Comparison of high-quality caster raw materials and inferior caster raw materials
Comparison of different quality wheel bracket steel plates
Strong Caster Packaging vs Fragile Caster Packaging

Bullcaster trolley wheels has always maintained its leading position in the caster industry. Because we attach great importance to the quality of our products, the following are our keys to ensuring the best quality in casters:

1. High-quality plastic particles. Our wheels use brand-new plastic particles as injection molding raw materials and do not use any recycled plastic particles. This ensures the durability and impact resistance of the caster wheels to a large extent.

2. High-quality steel, because the strength of the caster bracket determines the load-carrying capacity and life of the caster to a large extent. Bullcaster uses steel whose strength and thickness meet industry standards to ensure the strength and safety of the caster in actual use. 

3. Good packaging. Our 10 years of export experience tells us that the packaging of goods is also an important part of ensuring quality. Because your goods are likely to be damaged during transportation, we will pack your goods firmly. Ensure casters are safe during transportation.

If you are worried about the quality of our casters, then it doesn’t matter, you can start your caster project with our free samples first.

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