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Use Bullcaster’s online caster load calculator to calculate your required caster capacity.

Caster Wheel Load Capacity Calculator

How to use this calculator?

Before calculating the caster load capacity, we need to know the working principle of the caster weight calculator is based on the formula: T=(E+Z)/M*N, (T is the load capacity of casters to be calculated).

1. First. please select the unit, the default unit is lbs.

2. Net weight of the equipment(E): For example, if the casters are installed on a trolley, and the weight of the trolley itself is 30kg, then the net weight value of the equipment should be filled in as 30. If the casters are installed on a machine and the weight of the machine is 800kg, then fill in the value here as 800.

3. The maximum load weight of the equipment(Z): For example, if your cart needs a maximum load of 500kg, then the value of the maximum load should be 500. If the casters are only installed on the machine equipment, and the equipment will not have an additional load, fill in 0 here.

4. The number of casters installed(M): That is how many wheels need to be installed on the equipment. For example, Carts are usually equipped with 4 cartwheels, and some special equipment may need to be installed with 6 or 8. You only need to fill in the number of casters installed. Note that the number is an integer.

5. Choose caster safety factor(N), usually 1.3, the safety factor is to ensure that in extreme cases (such as a cart with 4 wheels installed on uneven ground, only three casters are stressed), the casters will not be damaged, thereby protecting the equipment or goods.

6. Click the Calculate button, and the system will output the load of the casters you need.

This system can also be used for other wheel load capacity calculations.

By the way, in addition to load capacity, the size of the casters is also important. You can learn more about how to choose the size of the casters.

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