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Produce high-quality cast iron casters, deliver within 7 days, and provide customized service for casters.

Cast Iron Wheel Manufacturers-Bullcaster

As a top 5 caster wheel supplier in China, Bullcaster can produce and supply various types of cast iron casters, our cast iron casters cover cast iron trolley wheels, light cast iron wheels, heavy cast iron wheels, cast iron rubber wheels, etc.

We export 200,000+ cast iron casters every year to meet the needs of hundreds of customers around the world. We also provide customized services for cast iron casters, such as wheel surface material, width, bracket, top plate size, etc.

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Supply the Best Iron Casters


Heavy Duty Cast Iron Wheels

Heavy cast iron casters offer durability, stability, and load-bearing capacity for industrial applications. They are resistant to wear, corrosion, and extreme temperatures, making them ideal for heavy-duty equipment and machinery. 4/5/6/8/10/12 inch optional, load up to 3000kg.


Cast Iron Trolley Wheels

Provide robustness, load-bearing strength, and resistance to wear and tear. They excel in industrial settings, offering stability, durability performance for heavy loads.Rubber, stainless steel, and PU wheel surface materials are available, 4/5/6/8/10 inches are available, and the load capacity can reach 3000kg.

cast iron caster for furniture

Cast Iron Wheels for Furniture

Small cast iron casters have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, anti-static, wear resistance and low cost. They are widely used in furniture, ovens, etc. 1/1.25/1.5/2.5/3 inches are optional, and the load capacity is 20kg-50kg. .


Cast Iron Floor Jack Wheels

Cast iron floor jack wheels provide robust support and stability for lifting heavy loads. They are durable, wear-resistant, and suitable for rough surfaces, ensuring safe and efficient use in automotive and industrial applications. 2 ton/4 ton wheels.


Cast Iron V Groove Wheels

Cast iron V groove wheels are guide loads along a defined path. They offer precise tracking, reduced rolling resistance, and high load capacity, making them ideal for applications like track systems, gates, and machinery.50-125 size.


Custom Cast Iron Casters

If you have customized requirements for cast iron casters, such as wheel width, wheel diameter, top plate size, mounting hole spacing, bracket type, brake, surface treatment, please send us your requirements directly.

Iron Caster Wheels Features


Cast iron is durability and can withstand heavy loads and continuous use without deformation or wear. This makes iron casters suitable for industrial and heavy-duty applications.

High Load Capacity

Iron casters can handle heavy loads effectively, making them ideal for equipment, machinery, and carts that need to support substantial weights.

Heat Resistance

Cast iron can withstand high temperatures without warping or losing its structural integrity, making it suitable for applications where heat resistance is necessary.

Low Maintenance

Iron casters require minimal maintenance, especially when used in less corrosive environments. Lubrication and periodic inspections are often sufficient to keep them in good working condition.

A Grade Raw Iron Materials

Bullcaster cast iron casters are made from premium-grade cast iron with a high graphite content. This type of cast iron offers exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to wear and tear.

Alloying Elements: We use specific alloying elements to enhance the properties of the cast iron, such as adding chromium for improved corrosion resistance or molybdenum for increased toughness.


Iron Castor Quality Assurance

Bullcaster manufacturing facility holds ISO certifications.

Testing and Inspection: extensive testing and inspection procedures our casters undergo during and after production. This includes load testing, impact resistance tests, and non-destructive testing methods to identify potential flaws.

Consistency and Traceability: Strict production processes ensure the quality and traceability of each batch of casters.

Cast Iron Wheel Manufacturers-Why Bullcaster

Workers at the caster factory at work
Workers at the caster factory are assembling casters

Rich Experience:  We have more than 10 years of cast iron caster production experience, which allows us to quickly understand your needs and provide you with the best caster solutions.

Custom Service: We can provide you with customized services for cast iron casters, such as wheel diameter and width, top plate size, mounting hole spacing, bracket type, brakes, etc.

Free Samples: We can provide you with free caster samples for quality testing, and we can reduce the entire sample shipping fee for you when you place a bulk order.

Quality Assurance: We can provide you with the test report and inspection certificate of the casters you need, such as load test, impact test, resistance test, etc.

Delivery Solutions: Our sales team has rich experience in cross-border trade, and can solve the problems of export, transportation, customs clearance, and other issues in the whole process of caster procurement for you.

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