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Pneumatic Caster Wheels China

Bullcaster is a manufacturer of pneumatic casters located in China, our casters are widely used in industrial, commercial, transportation, and other fields.

Our products cover heavy-duty pneumatic wheels, medium-duty pneumatic wheels, etc. All casters are produced based on the strict ISO9001 quality management system to ensure the quality of each caster. In addition, we also provide customized services for pneumatic casters, such as caster top plate size, mounting hole distance, brakes, bracket type, etc.

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Pneumatic Castor Wheels

Brief Description

  • 6/8/10/12/14 Inch optional
  • Load Capacity up to 250KG
  • High elastic rubber raw material
  • Precision Bearings.
  • Bracket thickness 5mm/6mm.
  • Accept customize
  • All fields applications.

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Features of Heavy Duty Pneumatic Casters

Shock Absorption

Pneumatic casters have air-filled tires that provide excellent shock absorption. This makes them ideal for transporting delicate or fragile items, as the air-filled tires help reduce vibrations and impacts during movement.


Pneumatic casters offer good traction, making them suitable for outdoor use and on slippery surfaces. They can handle wet or muddy conditions better than some other caster types.

Smooth Movement

Pneumatic casters provide a smoother and quieter operating compared to solid or hard rubber casters. They are well-suited for use on uneven or rough surfaces, as the air-filled tires conform to the terrain, providing stable.


These casters are versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications, including in industrial settings, warehouses, outdoor environments, and even on equipment like carts, dollies, and wheelchairs.


The Best Pneumatic Caster Wheels Service

Bullcaster not only have rich production experience, but we also have more than ten years of customer service experience in casters.
Our experienced sales team of more than 20 people can help you solve any problems you encounter. We can provide fast delivery, free samples, customization, transportation, export customs declaration, account period support, and other services to help customers obtain more easily business success.


Why Choose Bullcaster to Be Your Casters Supplier?

The reason why we have always maintained a leading position in the casters industry.


High Grade Rubber Materials

The raw materials used by Bullcaster in the production of inflator wheels are all natural rubber particles, without any low-quality raw materials added, which ensures the durability and tear resistance of the casters.


High Quality Steel Plate

The strength of the caster bracket determines the load capacity of the caster. Bullcaster uses a new steel plate with qualified thickness as the raw material of the caster bracket to ensure the load capacity of the caster.


Robot Welding

Bullcaster uses welding robots to weld caster brackets, which improves the precision of welding. The use of welding robots greatly improves the stability of the quality of caster brackets and improves the performance of casters.


Strong Packaging

Bullcaster can provide the perfect caster packing method (opp bag + carton + bandage + waterproof membrane + pallet) for all customers to avoid damage to the goods due to transportation problems.

Applications of Penumatic Caster Wheels

wholesale-casters-for-industrial application

Material Handling and Transportation

Pneumatic casters are often used on carts, dollies, and wagons for moving materials and goods in warehouses, factories, and distribution centers. Their shock-absorbing properties help protect fragile or delicate items during transport.


Outdoor Equipment

Pneumatic casters are suitable for outdoor equipment like garden carts, wheelbarrows, and utility trailers. They provide better traction and smooth movement on uneven terrain, such as grass, gravel, or dirt.



Pneumatic casters can be found on construction equipment like concrete mixers, mortar carts, and scaffolding. They help in moving heavy loads across rough terrain.


Automotive Industry

Pneumatic casters are used in automotive assembly plants for transporting car components and materials within the factory.

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