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Are you facing challenges with caster design, maneuverability, load capacity, or specific caster application conditions?

At Bullcaster, We know that many customers need custom casters to meet their unique business needs. That’s why we specialize in custom caster solutions, tailored precisely to your unique requirements. With our worldwide service, we ensure that no matter where you are, you have access to casters designed for your specific needs.

Don’t settle for mediocrity – let Bullcasters elevate your manufacturing game to the next level.

misumi caster wheel custom

From Sample to Bulk Production

Just provide a sample, and we can mass-produce the same caster according to the sample.

custom caster wheel from drawing

Caster Wheel Drawing to Manufacturing

If you have casters CAD drawings, we can also produce casters in bulk based on the drawings.

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Options for Wheels & Caster Design

Customized casters make your needs come true
custom caster wheels

Custom Caster‘s Wheels

The material, diameter, and width of the caster’s wheel can be customized according to your requirements.

custom caster wheel's plate

Top Plate Customization

The size of the caster’s plate, hole spacing, diameter, thickness and length of the stem can all be customized.

custom caster wheel's load capacity

Custom Heavy Duty Casters

According to your design or your load-bearing requirements, we customize heavy-duty industrial casters that meet your requirements.

custom caster wheel's bracket

Custom Caster Bracket and Brake

The appearance, thickness, material, and surface treatment of the casters bracket and brakes can be customized.

caster-wheel-injection- mold

Casters Injection Molding

According to your drawings or samples, we can customize injection molds to produce your products and provide mold fee refund services. Molds are also available for sale.

custom caster wheel's additional parts

Custom caster's additional parts

Additional structures for casters, such as brake and mounting structures, can be customized.


Why Custom Casters from Bullcaster?

20 Years custom experience

Our rich experience allows us to quickly help you solve your customized needs for casters.

Mold fee refund policy

In order to help customers save costs, we have launched a policy of returning mold fees. Please consult us for more information.

High precision production

We strictly control the process of each production step to improve the precision of the casters.

MOQ unlimited

We have no restrictions on MOQ, and in low MOQ cases, we will charge the full mold fee. Please consult us for specific details.

FAQ About Custom Casters

We can provide industrial casters, furniture casters, medical casters, and custom casters for special use scenarios. 

If you are not sure whether your casters can be customized, please contact Bullcasters engineers directly for a free consultation.

We have no restrictions on moq, of course we don’t recommend customizing casters without a large demand, because in the case of low moq, mold fee is a necessary cost. So more demand will reduce the marginal cost of each wheel.

There are many factors that determine the mold fee: such as the number of customized casters, the number of molds that need to be opened, the type of mold, etc. (stamping mold, injection mold, etc.), so it is recommended to consult our engineers directly for information.

There are 2 situations:
1. You have caster wheel samples, and you want us to mass-produce the same products according to the details of the samples, then you can just provide us with samples, and we can carry out CAD modeling based on the samples, open molds, and produce exactly the same products .
2. If you only have CAD drawings, then you can provide us with the drawings, and inform us of the load capacity requirements, material requirements, use environment and other information of the casters. We will make samples based on these information, and we will send the samples to you for testing, testing After approval, formal production can be arranged.

Before we start mass production, we will produce samples for you to test, and only after the products have passed the test will we proceed to mass production.
After the sample test is passed, we proceed to mass production, and all product production is carried out under our 5S production management system to ensure that there is no problem with the quality of the casters we produce.

It is difficult to have an accurate delivery date for custom casters. The delivery date mainly depends on the complexity of the caster, the level of process requirements, and the difficulty of mold opening. It is recommended to consult our engineers directly for support.

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