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Bullcaster produces casters for a variety of luggage, with over 200 models to choose from, providing you with the best suitcase wheel solutions.

Top Luggage Caster Wheels

Bullcaster is an experienced luggage caster supplier located in Foshan, China. Thanks to our production experience in the caster industry and injection molding industry, we can provide you with high-quality luggage casters. We have supplied it to dozens of customers around the world. Millions of wheels are available.

We currently produce many types of suitcase casters, such as directional wheels, swivel casters, detachable suitcase wheels, brakeable suitcase wheels, suitcase wheel silicone protective covers, etc. In addition, we can also provide you with suitcase wheels customized service, we can injection mold and produce your products for you based on your drawings or samples.

For any upcoming projects that require replacement suitcase castors, please contact us and we will explore how best to meet your needs. 

Suitcase Casters Series


Suitcase Swivel Casters

Swivel wheels. There are many styles of Swivel wheels. There are single-wheel wheels and double-wheel casters. The suitcase with swivel wheels. When moving, the box is in an upright state. Gently push the lever or box, and the box It will naturally follow the movement, or it can be tilted like a rigid wheel trolley box, and the trolley can be pulled to follow the movement. The diameter of this type of wheel is usually around 4-5cm. Usually no more than 6.5mm.


Suitcase Rigid Casters

Rigid wheels, the wheels are partially embedded in the box or installed at the side corners of the box. The wheels are located on the left and right corners of the box. Usually canvas trolley boxes mostly use this type of wheels. This type of box can only be moved tilted and pulled by hand. Hold the pull rod and the box will move accordingly. The diameter of the rigid wheels is generally larger, usually greater than 7cm. This type of wheels is relatively durable.

luggage caster wheel cover

Luggage Wheel Covers

The suitcase wheel protective cover is made of silicone material, which has excellent elasticity and silent effect. By installing the silicone protective cover, it can effectively reduce the noise of the suitcase wheels when they are running, and can effectively reduce the wear of the wheels. In addition, the protective covers are available in a variety of colors, and the suitcases are matched with wheel covers of different colors, which can meet the DIY needs of many people.

More than 200+ Types Wheels for Your Needs

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Bullcaster-Producing High Quality Luggage Wheels

We know that the main body of suitcase casters is plastic, and the plastic material determines the quality of a suitcase caster. After more than 10 years of experience accumulation, we are confident that we can achieve the industry-leading level in the raw materials and formulas of plastics.

Based on these experiences, Bullcaster We have the ability and strength to provide high-quality luggage wheels to customers around the world.


Produced Based on ISO9001 Certificate

Quality is the basis of our survival. All Bullcaster caster production is based on the ISO quality management system. Our quality supervision covers the selection of raw materials, wheel injection molding, assembly, quality inspection, testing, packaging, and other processes to ensure that our customers receive the best quality. Every wheel is of high quality.

Why Choose Bullcaster?


If you need a reliable casters supplier, then we are, because we are always pursuing to be better.

1. Production strength: In the past 10 years, Bullcaster has introduced a large number of advanced machinery and equipment, and established corresponding production and management departments. The production departments include tool molds, stamping, plastics, nailing, etc.

2. Better service: We will pack each product firmly to ensure that the casters will not be damaged during transportation, and do our best to reduce customer risks.

We welcome customers from all over the world to come to us for mold processing and samples to customize various plastic and hardware products. We will continue to pursue excellence and provide our customers with better products and services.

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How to Choose Luggage Caster Wheels


1. Caster Wheel Types

The types of suitcase wheels generally include swivel caster and rigid caster. The swivel caster can rotate 360 degrees and its flexibility makes the suitcase more convenient to use, but its fall resistance is not as good as the rigid caster. The rigid caster can be made into larger sizes, and the rigid caster is relatively strong and resistant to falling, but its control freedom is not as good as that of the swivel. From the perspective of market trends, the swivel caster is the mainstream in the current market, so you must choose a good quality dual-wheel swivel caster.


2. Luggage Wheel Material

The appropriate wheel material is determined based on different conditions such as obstacles, residual substances on the use site (such as iron filings, grease), environmental conditions (such as high temperature, normal temperature or low temperature) and the weight that the wheel can carry.
Generally speaking, the mainstream swivel wheel materials currently on the market are: PP (main body) + TPE/TPU (tread). TPU material has good silent, wear-resistant, and shock-absorbing properties; rigid wheels can choose PU material, and PU wheels More wear-resistant, strong load-bearing capacity, suitable for a variety of floors.


3. Suitcase Wheel Size

Why is wheel diameter so important? Generally speaking, under the same circumstances, the larger the diameter of the wheel, the easier it is to push, and the larger the load capacity of the larger wheel, the better it can protect the ground from damage.
For large-capacity suitcases, it is recommended to choose larger wheels (above 5.5mm) as much as possible, while smaller suitcases can use smaller wheels.

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