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Chair Wheels Manufacturer​

Bullcaster is a chair wheel manufacturer located in Foshan, China. We produce PU wheels, TPR Wheels, PVC wheels, nylon wheels, spherical wheels, carpet wheels, and other chair wheels.

In the past 10 years, we have provided chair casters and solutions to thousands of domestic and foreign customers. We can provide you with the most suitable caster solutions according to your needs. We have rich industry experience and can help you achieve business goals. In addition to this, we can also provide you with customized solutions for wheels to make your product unique.

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Chair Caster Series

2 inch clear polyurethane light duty swivel caster

Transparent PU Chair Wheel

High-quality PU wheels, steel brackets, painted, super long service life(more than 3 years), 50mm, 60mm, and 75mm diameters available, single wheel load capacity can reach more than 50kg.

dual wheel pu chair wheel

Dual Transparent Pu Chair Wheel

Double-wheel design, made of transparent PU material. The wheel hub is available in a variety of colors. The diameter is 50mm. It is suitable for hard floors and is extremely quiet.

PU nylon chair wheel

Office Chair Casters

The durable nylon wheel body and PU wheel rim not only ensure the load-bearing capacity of the wheel, but also ensure the silent use of the wheel. It is suitable for a variety of floors and is extremely cost-effective.


Nylon Chair Wheel

The chair casters are made of durable nylon injection molding and have excellent wear resistance. The load capacity of a single wheel is more than 30kg. Ball and double wheels are optional.

carpet wheels series

Carpet Wheel

The chair wheels specially designed for carpets can easily rotate on the carpet surface and will not be entangled by carpet fluff. Dozens of specifications are available. 1.5 inches, 2 inches optional.


Alloy Chair Wheels

The bracket part of the wheel is made of alloy material, which improves the beauty and strength of the chair wheel and also increases the service life of the chair wheel. Dozens of types are available and can be customized.

More Than 100+ Chair Wheel Skus

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Best Chair Wheel Service

Sample Support

We can provide you with free chair wheel samples for testing, you only need to pay the shipping cost.

Urgent Order

Our chair wheel inventory can meet your urgent order needs most of the time. contact us for more detail.

Customized Services

We can provide you with customization services. (Samples or drawings is required)

Fast Delivery

Our strong production capacity allows us to deliver within 7 days most of the time.

Quality Assured Chair Wheel Supplier

As the foundation for the load-bearing of office chairs, the quality of casters is crucial because they bear all the pressure from the human body all the time. Good caster quality can be said to determine the service life of the office chair.
Bullcaster will conduct strict load-bearing tests on each batch of casters to ensure that the wheel quality meets customer requirements.


Efficient Production of Chair Wheels, Customizable

Bullcaster has 15 injection molding machines that can produce casters efficiently. Our daily output reaches more than 50,000 pieces, and we can provide you with customized chair wheel services, such as wheel size, installation method, additional parts, etc.

Why Choose Bullcaster

Bullcaster caster wheel manufacturer

Why choose Bullcaster as your chair wheel supplier?

1. High-quality raw materials. Bullcaster’s chair wheel injection molding raw materials are all new plastic particles that are not recycled twice and are not mixed with waste or old materials, ensuring the strength, impact resistance, and service life of our wheels.

2. Stable and guaranteed delivery. Based on our strong production capacity and management capabilities, in most cases, we can complete order delivery within 7-10 days, and we will pack the goods sturdyly to ensure that the goods will not be damaged during transportation.

3. 100% solved after-sales service. Our products rarely have after-sales problems. Once there are any after-sales problems with our products, our after-sales team will respond within 24 hours and provide solutions within 2 working days. 98% of customers give us five-star praise.

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Chair Wheels for Different Floor Types

chair wheel for wooden floor

Chair Wheel for Hardwood Floor

The common surface for chair wheels is wooden floors. For wooden floor use scenarios, we need to choose chair wheels with softer wheels, such as TPR, PU, or rubber materials. Wheels with soft wheel surfaces help reduce the friction of the chair when sliding noise.

chair wheel for tile floor

Chair Wheels for Tile Floor

Tile floors are a common usage scenario for office chair wheels. For tile floors, chair wheels made of TPR, PU or TPU are also needed. These wheel surfaces can make the casters run quietly without damaging the floor. It is not recommended to use nylon casters.

chair wheel for carpet floor

Chair Wheels for Carpet

For carpet floors, we can choose casters with high hardness, such as nylon wheels, or choose carpet wheels specifically for carpet surfaces. Secondly, the diameter of the wheels should be larger (preferably higher than 50mm). For thick carpets, choosing chair wheel diameters of 3 inches is optimal.

Learn about the best office chair wheels for carpets.

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