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Why Choose the Right Office Chair Wheels for Carpet

For most office workers, office chairs play an important role at work. In order to pursue a quieter office environment, many people will lay soundproof carpets on the floor. However, not all casters are suitable for sliding on carpets, and some casters cannot even rotate on thick carpets. This makes us need to provide office chairs with Choose casters suitable for use on carpets.

In this article, we will discuss how to choose the best office chair wheels for carpets in terms of chair caster material, diameter, width, load-bearing capacity, price, and carpet thickness.

6 Points to Consider When Choosing Chair Wheels for Carpet

1. Wheel Material

Generally speaking, office chair casters are made of three materials, namely PP, PU, and nylon.

PP chair Wheel


PP is a common plastic material and is the lowest-priced chair caster material. Usually, chair wheels made of PP are thinner, have low load-bearing capacity, and have a shorter service life. Due to the hard texture of PP material, if PP casters are used directly on hard floors (such as solid wood, ceramics, and cement floors), the noise will be loud.

PU Chair Wheel

Transparent PU screw casters

PU casters have a soft wheel surface and are suitable for use on carpet floors and hard floors, such as wooden floors or ceramic tiles. PU casters have excellent quietness compared to nylon and PP casters.

Nylon Chair wheel


Nylon casters have a harder wheel surface and strong load capacity, which is very suitable for soft floors such as carpets. If the casters used on the carpet are too soft(such as rubber material), lint may gradually stick to the casters, making it difficult to move. Since the rolling resistance of the carpet is particularly high, you should try to avoid using casters that are too soft.

2. Wheel Diameter

Common caster diameters used for office chairs are 40mm, 50mm, and 75mm. So how should we choose the appropriate wheel diameter?

First of all, we need to know that the diameter of the wheel will affect the efficiency of moving the chair. Wheels with larger diameters often require less force to push, while wheels with smaller diameters require more force to push.

Secondly, the use of carpets will increase the number of casters. Friction during operation, so we should try to choose casters with larger diameters.

Third, the larger the diameter of the wheel, the higher the axle part is from the ground, which makes it difficult for the carpet fluff to get stuck in the axle of the wheel, which will reduce a lot of trouble. Bullcaster’s caster experts do not recommend that you choose chair casters with a diameter of less than 50mm for carpets.

3. Wheel Width

Common office chair casters have a double-wheel structure, as shown in the figure below. In addition to double wheels, there are also transparent chair casters made of PU material. Generally speaking, double wheels have better comfort and rotate more smoothly, but if used on carpet floors, the single wheel has better rotation flexibility, and the single wheel greatly reduces the risk of carpet lint getting stuck in the caster axle.

chair wheel furniture casters

4. Load Capacity

The load capacity of casters is also the key point that we need to consider when choosing chair wheels. We try to choose chair wheels with strong load capacity, especially when casters are used on high-end office chairs. The weight of the chair itself is already very heavy, which requires us to choose Casters with stronger load-bearing capacity, casters with a single wheel load of more than 40kg are best.

You can also use our online caster load calculator to calculate the load capacity of your chair casters.

5. Carpet Thickness

When choosing chair wheels for carpet floors, we must pay attention to the thickness of the carpet. According to our experience, the thicker the carpet, the more we need to use casters with larger diameters, because the thicker the carpet, the deeper the wheels will sink into the carpet and roll. The greater the friction, which requires casters with larger diameters to facilitate the movement of the chair.

For example, if the carpet is thicker than 5mm, it will be more comfortable to use casters with a diameter of 75mm than casters with a diameter of 50mm. So choosing office chair wheels for thick carpets, PU, or nylon wheels with a diameter of 75mm will be a good choice.

6. Chair Wheel Price

According to our experience, when many office chair manufacturers produce office chairs, the cost of wheels accounts for 8%-15% of the cost of the entire office chair. Therefore, price is also an important factor to consider when choosing wheels. For example, the ordinary 50mm price of PP casters is usually 0.2usd, while the price of transparent PU chair wheels with 50mm diameter metal brackets reaches 0.7usd, and the price of higher quality chair wheels will be higher than 1usd, so we can see that the prices of different types of wheels will differ by a few times, a reasonable choice will help you save more costs. We will list the prices of common chair wheels for your reference in the following article.

The above 6 points are what we need to consider when choosing carpet wheels. Next, we will list for you some of the best office chair wheels suitable for carpet surfaces.

Top Office Chair Wheels for Carpet

Based on the types of chair casters produced by Bullcaster, we have compiled some chair casters suitable for carpet surfaces. You can quickly choose the chair casters that suit you based on our list.

Transparent PU screw casters50/75mm, PU wheel with steel bracket, double ball bearing, Suitable for thick carpets0.6~0.9USD★★★★★
50mm Nylon chair wheel, Suitable for thin carpets.0.2USD★★★★
50mm dual wheel PU chair wheel, Suitable for thin carpets with low pile.0.99usd★★★★☆
50mm dual wheel TPU chair wheel, Suitable for thin carpets.0.4usd★★★★☆
List of the best office chair wheels for carpet

We have listed a total of 4 types of chair wheels suitable for use on carpet surfaces. You can request the latest quotation from us according to your needs. We will continue to update our list based on market feedback in the future.


In conclusion, when it comes to selecting the best office chair wheels for carpets, there are six essential factors to consider.

These include the wheel material (PP, PU, or nylon), wheel diameter (with larger diameters being preferable for carpets), wheel width (with single wheels offering better flexibility on carpets), load-bearing capacity (especially for high-end chairs), carpet thickness (with thicker carpets requiring larger diameter wheels), and price (which can vary significantly depending on the type of caster). Choosing the right office chair wheels for your carpeted workspace is crucial for smooth and efficient chair movement.

To assist you in your decision, we’ve provided a list of recommended office chair wheels suitable for carpet surfaces. This selection encompasses various options to cater to your specific needs, and it will be regularly updated based on market feedback. So, whether you have thick or thin carpets, you can find the perfect office chair wheels to ensure a comfortable and noise-free working environment.

If you’re looking for chair wheels, get in touch with our product experts and we can provide you with a free consultation and quote.

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