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Bullcaster has been manufacturing high-quality furniture wheels for over 10 years, we can supply all kinds of furniture castors for you.

Top Furniture Casters Supplier

Bullcaster is a leading furniture wheel manufacturer in China, we supply more than 20,000 wheels to customers every day, and our reliable products and services have helped hundreds of customers achieve business success.

The casters we produce have a wide range of applications in the furniture industry, such as sofa casters, chair casters, carpet wheels, table wheels, cabinet wheels, etc. More than 1,000 SKU products can be selected. In addition, we also provide customized services, which can Produce your own casters according to your needs.

For any upcoming projects that require casters & wheels, please contact us and we will explore how best to meet your needs. 

Furniture Casters Series


Chair Wheels

More than 100 types of chair casters are available, nylon, PP, PU materials are available, wheel diameter: 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 75mm

carpet wheels series

Carpet Casters

Alloy carpet wheels come in a variety of colors and sizes, making them easy to move on the carpet surface.

small caster wheels for furniture

Cabinet Castors

TPR casters with a wide range of applications, load capacity up to 70kg, and multiple installation methods.


Tiny Caster Wheels

PP casters in various colors, extremely cost-effective, flexible in rotation and wear-resistant.


Industrial Furniture Casters

A variety of industrial casters for the furniture industry, with high load capacity and various materials.


Low Profile Furniture Casters

High load capacity furniture wheel with low center of gravity, designed for equipment and heavy furniture.

Pure copper furniture wheel

Brass Casters for Furniture

Copper furniture casters are high-end, beautiful, strong and durable, with many types available.

rubber ball casters

Ball Castors

Spherical furniture wheels are available in a variety of design styles and materials, including nylon, PU, and rubber.

cast iron caster for furniture

Metal Wheels for Furniture

Cast iron furniture wheels for rough floors, high temperature resistant, available in various sizes.

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Furniture Casters Materials

light duty stainless steel tpr casters

TPR (thermoplastic rubber) casters in the furniture industry are prized for their durability, floor protection, and versatility. They offer smooth, quiet mobility with non-marking properties, safeguarding floors from damage. TPR casters can handle heavy loads and provide some shock absorption. Their applications in the furniture industry include office chairs, home furniture like dining chairs and bar stools, medical and laboratory equipment, and hospitality settings for service carts and tables. These characteristics make TPR casters a preferred choice for furniture applications.

bullcaster 4-inch-brake-medium-duty-cast-iron-caster

Cast iron casters are prized in the furniture industry for their strength and longevity. They excel in heavy-duty applications, offering robustness and resistance to wear and tear. These casters are suitable for antique and industrial furniture, as well as outdoor and commercial furniture. Their durability and heat resistance make them a reliable choice for furniture that requires long-lasting, sturdy mobility solutions

European pure copper furniture wheel

Brass Wheels

Brass material casters are prized in the furniture industry for their unique combination of durability and aesthetic appeal. They offer an elegant, vintage look that complements antique and high-end furniture. Brass casters are resistant to corrosion and provide smooth, quiet mobility, making them suitable for various settings. Their applications include use in antique furniture for an authentic appearance, luxury furniture to add sophistication, home decor items, and upscale commercial and hospitality settings for display pieces and specialty furniture. Brass casters are favored for their longevity and decorative value in furniture design.

PU nylon chair wheel

Nylon material casters are favored in the furniture industry for their durability, high load capacity, and smooth mobility. They can handle heavy loads, resist wear and corrosion, and roll quietly. Specific applications include office furniture like chairs and desks, home furniture such as chairs and tables, medical and laboratory equipment, and commercial settings like retail displays and restaurant furniture. Nylon casters are a versatile choice, suitable for a wide range of furniture and equipment in various settings, thanks to their reliability and load-bearing capacity.

dual wheel pu chair wheel

Polyurethane (PU) material casters are popular in the furniture industry for their floor protection, smooth rolling, durability, and high load capacity. They leave no marks on floors, roll quietly, resist wear and chemicals, and can support heavy furniture and equipment. Specific applications include office furniture like chairs and desks, home furniture such as chairs and tables, medical and laboratory equipment, and hospitality and retail furniture, making PU casters a versatile choice for a wide range of furniture and equipment in various settings.

The Best Furniture Castors Service

Free Sample

Bullcaster provides free caster sample service, you only need to pay the shipping fee to get our samples.

Fast Delivery

We can achieve fast delivery within 7-10 days to ensure that you can receive the goods in time.

Shipping Support

We can provide cargo transportation services, sea transportation, land transportation, air transportation

Custom Service

If you have casters drawings or samples, we can customize casters for you.

Get Furniture Wheels from Bullcaster

Bullcaster will be your reliable caster supplier. We have a 20,000 square meter factory, 100+ workers, and an experienced trade team of more than 10 people. We can solve all your furniture caster needs in an all-round way, saving you time and money.

Workers at the caster factory are assembling casters

Produced Based on ISO9001 Certificate

Quality is the basis of our survival. All Bullcaster caster production is based on the ISO quality management system. Our quality supervision covers the selection of raw materials, wheel injection molding, assembly, quality inspection, testing, packaging, and other processes to ensure that our customers receive the best quality. Every wheel is of high quality.

Why Choose Bullcaster?

Comparison of high-quality caster raw materials and inferior caster raw materials
Comparison-between-high quality and low quality bearings
Strong Caster Packaging vs Fragile Caster Packaging

If you need a reliable furniture caster supplier, then we are, because we are always pursuing to be better.

1. High-quality raw materials: Plastic is an important part of furniture wheels. Generally speaking, the quality of plastic determines the quality of furniture wheels. Bullcaster’s casters are injection molded from new plastic particles, and the thickness of the wheels is higher than that in the industry. The average level ensures the load-carrying capacity and impact resistance of our wheels.

2. Better bearings: For some furniture wheels that require bearings, we have always selected high-quality bearings to ensure the smoothness, flexibility and better silent effect of the wheel rotation.

3. Better service: We will pack each product firmly to ensure that the casters will not be damaged during transportation, and do our best to reduce customer risks.

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