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Bullcaster supplies over 100 models of high-quality pallet jack wheels to meet your various needs.

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Bullcaster is a leading pallet Jack load wheels supplier in China, we supply more than 20,000 wheels to customers every day, and our reliable casters and services have helped hundreds of customers achieve business success.

We produce various types of casters. Our manual pallet wheels are available in rubber, nylon, and PU materials. The wheel cores are available in cast aluminum wheel cores and cast iron wheel cores. All wheels can be equipped with precision ball bearings. In addition, we also provide customized services, which can Produce your own casters according to your needs.

For any upcoming projects that require casters wheels, please contact us and we will explore how best to meet your needs.

Pallet Jack Wheels Products Line

Brief Description

  • Nylon, Rubber, Pu
  • Double ball bearings.
  • Anti-burst, high load capacity.
  • Multiple sizes available for selection
  • Custom acceptable.

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Pallet Jack Replacement Wheels Materials

Red color Iron core PU pallet jack wheels

Polyurethane Pallet Jack Wheels

Polyurethane pallet jack wheels are ideal for material handling due to their durability, load capacity, and floor protection. They offer a smooth, quiet operation with low rolling resistance, making them energy-efficient and operator-friendly. Their resistance to chemicals, oils, and temperature variations enhances their versatility. For warehouse and industrial applications, these wheels are a reliable and efficient solution.

Black color rubber Iron core pallet jack wheels

Pallet Jack Rubber Wheels

Pallet jack rubber wheels are versatile and popular for material handling. Their key features include excellent shock absorption, quiet operation, and floor protection. They are cost-effective and handle substantial loads, making them suitable for various applications. Their versatility extends to both indoor and outdoor use, with good resistance to temperature variations. Pallet jack rubber wheels are an efficient choice for many material handling tasks, particularly in environments where noise reduction and floor protection are essential.

white nylon pallet truck wheels

Nylon Pallet Jack Wheels

Nylon pallet jack wheels are known for their high load capacity, durability, and resistance to wear. They efficiently handle heavy loads, making them ideal for industrial use. These wheels offer low rolling resistance, reducing the effort required to move heavy materials and promoting energy efficiency. Nylon wheels are versatile, functioning well in different temperature conditions and resisting chemicals and oils. With different tread options available, nylon pallet jack wheels can be customized to suit specific application needs, ensuring reliable performance in demanding material handling tasks.

Features of Our Pallet Jack Casters

Multi Size

Our pallet jack casters have a complete range of models. Whether you have European or American standards, we can provide you with the right size.

Floor protection

Our pallet jack wheels are meticulously engineered to provide exceptional floor protection, minimizing scuffing, marking, and damage to various types of flooring surfaces.


Our wheels are engineered with a focus on longevity and resilience, ensuring they can withstand heavy loads, constant usage, and challenging operating conditions.

Load capacity

The weight-bearing capacity of our pallet jack wheels is max to 6000lbs, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial environments.


Pallet Jack Rollers Manufacturer

BullCaster is located in Guangdong Province China. We have over ten years of export experience in the field of pallet jack load wheels. We collaborate with over 500 clients annually.

For your caster needs, we have rich experience to provide you with solutions to help you produce safely and improve your business.

Why Choose Bullcaster ?

The reason why we have always maintained a leading position in the casters industry.

Comparison of high-quality caster raw materials and inferior caster raw materials

No Recycled Plastic Materials

In order to ensure the quality of casters, we do not use secondary recycled plastic particles to produce casters, so as to ensure that the casters have good load-bearing capacity and will not deform.

Comparison-between-high quality and low quality bearings

High Quality Bearings

Inferior bearings will greatly reduce the load capacity of the casters, which will lead to many dangers. We only use high-quality carbon steel bearings and bearing steel bearings to ensure the safe use of casters.

Comparison of high-quality caster bearing lubricating oil and inferior caster lubricating oil

No Inferior Lubricating Oil

Inferior lubricating oil usually contains impurities, which will to some extent cause the steel balls of the bearings to wear and reduce the service life of the casters.

Strong Caster Packaging vs Fragile Caster Packaging

Robustness of Caster Packaging

It is very unpleasant for customers to receive goods in damaged packages. We use pp bags + cartons + woven bags + waterproof membranes + pallets to package the goods to ensure the safety of casters.

Hand Pallet Truck Wheels Buying Guide

Ask Us Anything

To determine the right wheel size for your pallet jack, check the existing wheels for markings or measure the diameter and width. Consider load capacity, application, and consult the Bullcaster for recommendations. Seek expert advice if needed.

The weight capacity of pallet jack wheels can vary depending on factors such as wheel size, material, and design. Typically, pallet jack wheels have a weight capacity ranging from around 1,500 pounds (680 kilograms) to 6,000 pounds (2,722 kilograms) per wheel. It’s important to consult with the manufacturer or supplier to determine the specific weight capacity of the pallet jack wheels you are considering, as it can vary based on the product’s specifications.

1. Regular cleaning: Remove debris and dirt to prevent premature wear and maintain smooth operation.<br>2. Lubrication: Apply recommended lubricant to wheel bearings to reduce friction and enhance performance.
3. Inspections: Regularly check for wear, damage, or misalignment. Address issues promptly to prevent further damage.<br>

4. Proper usage: Stay within the specified weight capacity, avoid excessive speed, impacts, and rough terrain.<br>

5. Floor surface considerations: Be mindful of sharp objects, uneven surfaces, and debris that can damage wheels.<br>

6. Correct storage: Store pallet jacks in a clean, dry area away from extreme temperatures and corrosive substances.<br>

7. Regular maintenance: Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule for inspections and other recommended tasks.

Yes, there are different pallet jack wheels available for different types of flooring surfaces. Options include polyurethane wheels for smooth surfaces, nylon wheels for rough or uneven floors, rubber wheels for sensitive floors, and steel wheels for heavy-duty applications and rough terrains. Choosing the right wheel type for your specific flooring surface helps optimize performance, provide traction, and minimize damage to the floors.

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