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BULLCASTE has been manufacturing high-quality polyurethane caster wheels for over 10 years, Our PU casters are suitable for different scenarios, and the wheel brackets can be customized.

Supply Multi-Type Polyurethane Casters

PU is an elastomer between plastic and rubber. Its excellent comprehensive properties are not available in ordinary plastics and rubber. PU casters have excellent sound-absorbing properties. The wheels produce no noise during movement and can achieve a silent effect.

Bullcaster manufactures high-quality light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty series PU casters. The wheel load covers 50-4000kg, the size covers 1- 10 inches, and up to 300+sku are available.

If you need to purchase PU casters, please contact us immediately. We can deliver standard PU wheels within 7 days. We can also do casters custom for you, such as the top plate size, wheel type, etc. of PU casters for you.

Urethane Casters Types

heavy duty PU casters-bullcaster

Heavy Duty Polyurethane Wheels

Aluminum core heavy duty PU casters offer durability, corrosion resistance, and smooth movement. They excel in industrial settings, heavy-duty equipment, and environments where cleanliness and load capacity are crucial. sizes 4 inches to 8 inches, wheel load capacity up to 3000kg. customizable.

pallet jack wheels series

Floor Jack Polyurethane Wheels

PU pallet jack wheels provide excellent load-bearing capacity, shock absorption, and floor protection. They are durable, quiet, and suitable for heavy-duty material handling applications, minimizing noise and reducing maintenance costs.Pallet jack wheel made of PU + cast iron, available in 100+ sizes.

2 inch clear polyurethane light duty swivel caster

Light Duty Swivel Caster

PU furniture casters offer smooth and silent mobility, floor protection, and durability. They are ideal for indoor furniture, providing ease of movement without leaving marks or causing damage to floors. 3 inches and 2 in clear polyurethane light duty swivel caster, Beautiful, silent and durable PU caster for furniture.

heavy duty low profile caster wheels

Low Profile PU Caster Wheels

Low profile PU casters offer reduced height, enhancing stability and minimizing swaying and providing smooth movement and load-bearing capabilities. High uality ball bearing,1.5/2/2.5/3 inches optional, single wheel load capacity up to 500kg. single or dual wheel.


Industrial Pu Wheel for Trolley

PU trolley casters offer excellent maneuverability, load-bearing capacity, and reduced noise levels. providing smooth and quiet movement while protecting floors from damage. Multi-purpose silent PU casters, 3/4/5 inches optional, load capacity 100-300kg, multiple colors available.


Small Pu Castor Wheel

Small PU casters offer precise mobility, load-bearing capacity, and floor protection. They are ideal for compact furniture, equipment, and applications where tight spaces require easy and smooth movement. we have1.5/2-inch small PU wheels for commercial use, double ball bearings, quiet and durable.

Advantages of Pu Castor Wheel


PU material has better wear resistance, making PU wheels durable.

Silent Operation

The PU material is elastic, so that the wheels will not make noise when running.


PU wheels are not susceptible to corrosion and oxidation, suitable for different working environments.

Shock Absorber

Good shock absorption performance and load capacity, suitable for heavy equipment.

PU Caster Wheel Applications

Bullcaster produces many types of PU casters. The PU wheels we manufacture cover medical industry, food processing industry, office, factory handling, warehousing logistics, machinery manufacturing, etc.

PU Caster wheel
Bullcaster caster wheel manufacturer

Manufacturer Based on ISO9001 Certification

The production of Bullcaster is based on a strict quality management system. Every link of wheel production, such as raw materials, wheel injection molding, bracket stamping, assembly, packaging, testing, packaging, etc., has strict requirements to ensure the quality of the wheels.

Why Choose Bullcaster

Comparison of high-quality caster raw materials and inferior caster raw materials
Comparison of different quality wheel bracket steel plates
Strong Caster Packaging vs Fragile Caster Packaging

The PU wheels produced by BULLCASTER use non-recycled plastic particles to ensure that the wheels have better wear resistance and tear resistance.

The raw material of the PU caster bracket produced by BULLCASTER is brand-new steel plate with thickness and strength meeting the standard, and the high-precision stamping die ensures the precision of the caster bracket.

BULLCASTER has always used the best way to pack casters for all customers to ensure that the goods will not tip over or be damaged during transportation, and to avoid losses to customers due to transportation problems.

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