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Container casters are specialized wheels used to enable the easy movement of shipping containers. They find applications in a range of industries:

Shipping and Logistics: Moving containers within shipping yards and terminals.
Warehousing: Efficient container placement and access.
Construction Sites: Transporting tools and materials.
Events and Trade Shows: Creating mobile event spaces.
Retail and Pop-Up Stores: Mobile retail and pop-up shops.
Temporary Offices: Mobile office solutions.
Recreational and Food Service: Food trucks and recreational facilities.

These casters provide flexibility, making it possible to convert shipping containers into functional spaces and move them as needed, improving efficiency in various industries.

Bullcaster is a leading shipping container caster in China.  In addition, we also provide customized services, which can Produce your own casters according to your needs.

For any upcoming projects that require casters & wheels, please contact us and we will explore how best to meet your needs. 

Shipping Container Caster Wheels

PA dual wheel extra heavy duty caster

MC nylon container wheels

4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 inches are optional, with a load capacity of up to 3500kg

MC nylon casters, made from nylon 6, are prized for their exceptional characteristics:

1. High Load Capacity: They handle heavy loads effectively, ideal for shipping container mobility.

2. Durability: MC nylon casters are durable and resilient, with a long service life.

3. Chemical Resistance: They resist damage from chemicals, suitable for various environments.

4. Low Noise: Operating quietly, they reduce workplace noise.

5. Smooth Mobility: MC nylon casters provide effortless container movement.

6. Non-Marking: They leave minimal floor marks, preserving surfaces.

7. Impact Resistance: Withstand impacts, protecting against collisions.

8. Weather Resistance: MC nylon casters are weather-resistant and suitable for outdoor use.

These characteristics make MC nylon casters an excellent choice for moving shipping containers reliably and efficiently.

Steel dual wheel extra heavy duty caster

Steel Container Caster Wheels

4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 inches are optional, with a load capacity of up to 7000kg.

Steel container casters are sturdy and reliable, featuring several key characteristics:

1. High Load Capacity: Steel casters can support heavy loads, making them ideal for shipping containers and other weighty applications.

2. Durability: They are exceptionally durable and can withstand tough conditions, ensuring a long lifespan even in demanding environments.

3. Resistant to Wear: Steel casters are resistant to wear and tear, making them a reliable choice for continuous use.

4. High Temperature Resistance: They can handle high-temperature environments, which is essential in some industrial settings.

5. Corrosion Resistance: Steel casters are often coated to prevent corrosion, enhancing their longevity.

6. Smooth Mobility: They provide smooth and stable mobility, allowing for efficient container movement.

7. Impact Resistance: Steel casters can absorb shocks and protect against accidental collisions.

Steel container casters are known for their strength, robustness, and reliability, making them a popular choice for heavy-duty applications, including moving shipping containers.

dual wheel PU extra heavy duty caster

Steel Core PU Container Casters

4, 5, 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches are optional, with a load capacity of up to 7500kg

Steel Core PU (Polyurethane) Container Casters are a specialized type of caster designed for heavy-duty applications, especially in moving shipping containers. These casters combine the durability of steel with the versatility of polyurethane to offer several key features:

1. High Load Capacity: Steel core construction allows for exceptional load-bearing capacity, making them ideal for heavy shipping containers.

2. Durability: They are highly durable, capable of withstanding rugged environments and constant use.

3. Polyurethane Tread: The polyurethane outer layer provides excellent shock absorption, reduces noise, and ensures a smooth, non-marking ride.

4. Low Rolling Resistance: Steel Core PU casters offer ease of movement, even under heavy loads, enhancing overall efficiency.

5. Corrosion Resistance: The steel core is often treated to resist corrosion, increasing their longevity.

Steel Core PU Container Casters are a top choice for moving shipping containers, offering strength, resilience, and smooth mobility, all while protecting surfaces and reducing noise.


Rubber Shipping Container Casters

16-inch and 22-inch options available, load capacity up to 3 tons, maximum towing speed: 20km/h.

Solid Core Rubber Container Casters are designed for heavy-duty applications, especially for moving shipping containers. These casters offer several key features:

1. High Load Capacity: Solid core construction enables them to handle heavy loads, making them well-suited for shipping container movement.

2. Solid Rubber Tread: The solid rubber tread provides excellent shock absorption, enhances traction, and ensures a smooth, cushioned ride.

3.Low Noise: These casters operate quietly, reducing workplace noise.

4. Non-Marking: They leave minimal to no marks on floors, protecting surfaces.

5. Corrosion Resistance: Solid core rubber casters are resistant to corrosion, extending their longevity.

6. Versatility: Suitable for various industrial and commercial applications, where durability and reliability are essential.

Solid Core Rubber Container Casters are an good choice for moving shipping containers, offering strength, resilience, and smooth mobility while preserving surfaces and reducing noise.


Hydraulic Lifting Container Mover

10 tons, 15 tons, 25 tons load capacity, can be customized.

Hydraulic lifting container casters are specialized mobility solutions designed to not only move heavy shipping containers but also provide adjustable height functionality. These casters offer several key characteristics:

1. Hydraulic Lifting: These casters feature hydraulic mechanisms that allow you to adjust the height of the container with ease. This is crucial for aligning containers, leveling them, or adapting to uneven terrain.

2. Heavy Load Capacity: They are designed to handle substantial weight, making them ideal for moving loaded shipping containers.

3. Durability: Hydraulic lifting container casters are built to withstand the rigors of industrial use, ensuring a long lifespan.

4. Precision Control: The hydraulic system provides precise control over the container’s height, enabling accurate positioning and alignment.

5. Versatility: These casters are adaptable for various applications, such as container storage, loading and unloading, and transport within industrial settings.

6. Safety: Hydraulic systems often include safety features to prevent accidental lowering and ensure stability during height adjustments.

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