Thermoplastic Casters

TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) is a synthetic material known for its combination of durability, flexibility, and softness. TPR caster wheels are versatile and offer benefits like shock absorption, quiet operation, and floor protection due to their rubber-like qualities.

Thermoplastic Casters Supplier

BULLCASTER has more than ten years of production experience in the field of TPR casters, and we provide more than 300,000 high-quality TPR casters to global customers every year.

Our tpr casters include light casters, heavy-duty casters, and stainless steel casters, They are used in various applications, such as in furniture, medical equipment, office chairs, and light to medium-duty industrial settings, where a balance of smooth mobility and floor protection is required.

We have more than 300+ TPR caster models to meet almost any of your needs. In addition, we can also provide you with customized TPR wheels and brackets.

For your upcoming needs, you can contact us for a quote and free consultation.

Bullcaster TPR Wheels Series


TPR Casters Details

Material: A grade TPR.
Wheel Diameter: 2/3/4/5/6/8 inches optional.
Wheel thickness: 28mm/32mm/50mm
Bearing: single bearing/double ball 
Bracket: Galvanized bracket, plastic bracket, stainless steel bracket.
Mounting hole: M8/M10/M12.
Installation method: Bolt Hole, Circlip, Thread stem, swivel Plate, Expansion Rod

tpr casters series
Medium Duty
light duty stainless steel tpr casters
Stainless Steel

Advantages of TPR Casters

Floor Protection

TPR casters are gentle on floors, making them ideal for hardwood, tile, and other sensitive surfaces. They minimize the risk of scratches, scuffs, and dents.

Quiet Operation

TPR wheels produce minimal noise when rolling, creating a quieter and more comfortable environment, which is especially important in office settings and healthcare facilities.

Shock Absorption

TPR has excellent shock-absorbing properties, reducing vibrations and preventing the transfer of impact forces to the caster and the items it carries. This is beneficial for protecting delicate equipment and materials.

Chemical Resistance

TPR is resistant to many chemicals and oils, making it suitable for use in laboratories, hospitals, and industrial settings where exposure to various substances is common.

Application of Thermoplastic Rubber Casters

Bullcaster Medical industry casters

Thermoplastic Rubber casters are widely used in the medical industry due to their excellent qualities. These casters offer exceptional grip, noise reduction, and smooth mobility, making them ideal for medical carts, hospital beds, and equipment. Their non-marking, non-reactive properties ensure cleanliness and safety in sterile environments. Improve your medical facility’s mobility and hygiene standards with TPR casters. Contact us today for inquiries and find the perfect caster solution for your medical equipment needs. Upgrade your medical equipment with TPR casters – inquire now for a quote!


Food Service

TPR casters are essential in the food service industry. Their non-marking, easy-to-clean, and chemical-resistant properties make them perfect for food carts, kitchen equipment, and food storage units. TPR casters ensure smooth and silent operation while maintaining hygiene standards. Elevate your food service operations with TPR casters for improved mobility and cleanliness. Contact us today to inquire about our TPR caster solutions and enhance your food service equipment. Upgrade your kitchen’s mobility and hygiene with TPR casters – reach out now for a quote and expert guidance!


TPR casters find extensive application in shopping carts, enhancing shoppers’ convenience. These casters ensure smooth, quiet, and effortless maneuverability, allowing customers to navigate aisles effortlessly. With their load-bearing capacity and durability, TPR casters are perfect for heavy grocery loads. Upgrade your shopping carts with TPR casters today for a more pleasant and efficient shopping experience. Contact us now to inquire about our high-quality TPR caster options and elevate your shopping cart design!


Airport Trolley

TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) casters excel in airport trolleys, offering durability and smooth mobility for heavy luggage. They absorb shocks, ensuring a comfortable ride, while being non-marking and noise-reducing. Protect airport floors and improve passenger experience with our TPR casters. Ready to enhance your airport’s efficiency and traveler satisfaction? Contact us today for inquiries and to explore how our TPR casters can elevate your airport trolley performance!

The Best TPR Casters Service

Free Sample: Bullcaster provides free sample service to every customer who has not yet cooperated. You only need to bear the shipping cost of the sample, and we will also reduce the shipping cost of the sample in your bulk order.
7-Day Delivery: Our efficient production capabilities allow us to complete order delivery within 7 days, and 30-45 days for customized products.
24-Hour Response: Any of your inquiries will be responded to within 24 hours
Customization Service: We provide customization of TPR caster wheels, brackets, mounting plate size, mounting hole spacing, and logo.

Bullcaster caster wheel manufacturer

Tpr Caster Production Technology

Most caster manufacturers purchase wheels for assembly. Bullcaster’s tpr casters are all injection molded and produced by ourselves, which greatly improves the quality of our casters. On the other hand, it also reduces the cost of our casters. This is what we are leading with One of the reasons for the majority of TPR caster manufacturers in the industry.
Secondly, the entire production process of our casters is based on the ISO9001 quality management system, which ensures the stable quality of each batch of our casters, which to a large extent helps our customers achieve commercial success.

Why Choose Bullcaster's Thermoplastic Rubber Wheels

Workers at the caster factory are assembling casters
Casters manufacturer Bullcaster
Workers at the caster factory at work

Super Factory: Bullcaster has 3 major production bases in China, with a total of more than 300 employees and a monthly production capacity of 1 million casters of various types, which allows us to quickly process your orders and save you time and costs.

Grade A raw materials: The caster wheel materials produced by Bullcaster are all brand-new, non-recycled materials. The caster bracket steel plates are all made of thicknesses that meet industry standards. The caster bearings are not suitable for inferior bearings, which are higher than industry standards.

Freight forwarding: If you don’t want or don’t know how to deal with the tedious import and export transportation of goods, please leave it to us. Our 30-person experienced sales team can help you handle any freight issues.

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