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Bullcaster is a powerful caster manufacturer located in Foshan City, China. Our caster production scale ranks among the top 3 caster manufacturers in China.

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Company Profile

The Foshan Bullcaster Co.,Ltd was founded in 2007. Bullcaster has accumulated more than 17 years of production and R&D experience in the caster industry, providing caster product solutions to hundreds of companies around the world and selling more than 800,000 casters every year.

Business Scope

Bullcaster provides caster solutions to customers around the world. Its main products are industrial casters, medical casters and furniture casters. It also provides a full range of caster customization services. If you want to purchase caster wheels made in China, please learn more through this page.

Caster Wheel Manufacturer in China-Bullcaster

Factory Strength

Foshan Bullcaster has three caster production bases in China, located in Foshan City, Zhongshan City, and Hengshui City. The total factory area exceeds 30,000 square meters, with more than 500 employees, and more than 800,000 casters are produced annually.
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Caster Wheel Made in China

Caster Wheel Series Products

Durable polyurethane casters with excellent load-carrying capacity and a wide range of uses.

Silent operation, high elasticity, smooth running rubber casters, solid wheels, and pneumatic wheels.

High load capacity, low cost, wear-resistant nylon casters, meeting the needs of various indoor and outdoor scenes.

SUS casters are easy to clean and have excellent anti-corrosion properties. Multiple wheel materials are available.

Furniture series casters, adaptable to cabinets, chairs, sofas, shelves and other furniture needs.

Silent and smooth-running medical casters meet the needs of medical equipment, carts, hospital beds, etc.

Why Choose Caster Wheel From China


  • China has a complete industrial chain of raw materials.
  • Lower caster raw material costs in China.
  • China has the world’s largest caster industry belt
  • Bullcaster takes advantage of these advantages to reduce caster costs
  • You can buy a full range of casters products in China.
  • We have rich production experience and improve the quality of casters through the ISO quality management system.
  • Our factories are all close to ports, allowing us to quickly ship products by sea.

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We know very well that only good products and good services can win the trust of customers and help them achieve business success. Therefore, in the past ten years, we have used enthusiasm, ability, and responsibility to provide our global customers with The highest quality products and services.

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We provide global transportation support for goods to help customers save energy and time.

Custom Service

We provide a full range of caster customization services to meet all your needs.

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We can help you purchase any supporting products other than casters to help you achieve business success.

Caster Wheel Buying Guide

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Foshan Bullcaster is a caster manufacturer located in Guangdong, China. You can purchase all series of casters you need from us.

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