Dual Wheel Casters

Bullcaster’s double casters have better load capacity and stability. We can meet almost any of your double caster needs.

Double Wheel Casters Supplier

Bullcaster is a leading dual wheel manufacturer in China, we supply more than 20,000 wheels to customers every day, and our reliable products and services have helped hundreds of customers achieve business success.

The dual casters we produce have a wide range of applications in different industries, such as the Aerospace industry, machinery and equipment industry, construction industry, logistics industry, furniture industry, etc. More than 2,000 SKU products can be selected. Our casters are available in PP, PU, PA, TPR, steel, and other materials. In addition, we also provide customized services, which can Produce your own casters according to your needs.

For any upcoming projects that require casters & wheels, please contact us and we will explore how best to meet your needs. 

Twin Wheel Casters Series

fixed dual wheel PA extra heavy duty caster

Dual Wheel PA Caster

Cast MC nylon double row casters, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 inches optional, load capacity up to 3500kg.


Dual Wheel PU Casters

Double-wheel polyurethane casters, steel wheel core, wear-resistant and good load-bearing capacity, multiple sizes.


Shocking Absorb Caster

Shock-absorbing casters are available in a variety of sizes, with PU, TPR, and nylon wheel surfaces available, with a load capacity of up to 2400kg.

extra heavy Dual wheel metal steel casters

Dual Wheel Metal Caster

Super heavy-duty steel casters, 4-12 inches optional, load capacity up to 7000kg, installation hole spacing can be customized.


Dual Wheel Container Caster

PA, PU, steel materials are available, 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch are available, and the load capacity can reach 7000kg.

dual wheels small caster wheels

Dual Swivel TPR Caster

Dual Swivel Caster, made of tpr material, does not damage the floor, has multiple installation methods, and can carry a load of up to 80kg.

black color thread stem medical caster wheel with brake

Dual Wheel Furniture Wheels

Double-piece casters suitable for chairs, 1, 1.25, 1.5, 2, and 3 inches optional, made of PP, nylon, and PU.


Dual Wheel Stem Casters

Multiple materials, multiple sizes, multiple installation methods, Screw length and diameter can be customized.

Bullcaster custom casters

Custom Casters

According to your needs, we can customize casters for you, such as brackets, top plates, hole spacing, screw rods, etc.

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Dual Casters Appplications

Casters used in the aircraft industry

Aircraft Manufacturing

In aircraft manufacturing, dual-wheel casters are utilized for their superior load distribution and stability, which are critical when moving heavy aircraft parts and tooling. These casters are attached to jigs, fixtures, work platforms, and transport carts, allowing for precise and controlled movement within the assembly hangar. The dual-wheel design reduces the floor pressure, which is essential to prevent damage to hangar floors that often have weight restrictions. They also offer better maneuverability in tight spaces, a common requirement in the cluttered environment of aircraft assembly areas. The casters are engineered to withstand the considerable weight of aircraft components while ensuring smooth motion and the ability to lock in place for safety and precision during the assembly process.


Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, dual-wheel casters are employed for their enhanced load-bearing capacity and stability, which are essential for the safe and efficient handling of heavy components and assemblies. These casters are often attached to engine hoists, transmission stands, parts bins, and large tooling fixtures, facilitating easy and smooth movement around the production floor. The dual-wheel design spreads the load over a larger floor area, minimizing floor damage and reducing the force required to move heavy loads. Furthermore, these casters can improve maneuverability in the congested spaces of a manufacturing environment and can be locked to ensure safety and precision during vehicle assembly and maintenance tasks. Their durability and reliability support the rigorous demands of automotive production and maintenance operations.

Tunnel Construction

In tunnel construction, dual-wheel casters are utilized for their robust construction and stability, supporting the movement of heavy machinery, tunnel boring equipment, and material carts through the demanding and uneven terrain of a tunnel worksite. The dual wheels enhance maneuverability and control, essential for the precise positioning of equipment in confined spaces. They must withstand high loads, resist wear from debris and rough surfaces, and often feature locking mechanisms to secure equipment during stationary work. This mobility is crucial in tunnel construction where flexibility and the ability to handle the rugged underground environment can significantly impact the efficiency and safety of the construction process.


Furniture Industry

In the furniture industry, twin-wheel casters are widely used for their aesthetic appeal and functionality. They are commonly affixed to office chairs, movable desks, filing cabinets, and lightweight tables, enabling them to glide smoothly across various floor types. The twin-wheel design provides better weight distribution and stability for furniture, preventing tipping and facilitating easier movement, especially in multi-directional rolling which enhances user convenience. These casters are often designed to blend seamlessly with the furniture’s design, contributing to a modern and professional look while being unobtrusive. They are also available in materials and finishes that minimize the risk of floor scratches and marks, a crucial feature for furniture intended for use on delicate flooring surfaces.

The Best Castors Service

Free Sample

Bullcaster provides free caster sample service, you only need to pay the shipping fee to get our samples.

Fast Delivery

We can achieve fast delivery within 7-10 days to ensure that you can receive the goods in time.

Shipping Support

We can provide cargo transportation services, sea transportation, land transportation, air transportation

Custom Service

If you have casters drawings or samples, we can customize casters for you.

Get Castor Wheels from Bullcaster

Bullcaster will be your reliable caster supplier. We have a 20,000-square-meter factory, 100+ workers, and an experienced trade team of more than 10 people. 

In the past 10 years, we have provided caster solutions to more than 300 customers every year. Our rich experience can quickly help you solve your caster needs.

Workers at the caster factory are assembling casters

Produced Based on ISO9001 Certificate

Quality is the basis of our survival. All Bullcaster caster production is based on the ISO quality management system. Our quality supervision covers the selection of raw materials, wheel injection molding, assembly, quality inspection, testing, packaging, and other processes to ensure that our customers receive the best quality. Every wheel is of high quality.

Why Choose Bullcaster?

Comparison of high-quality caster raw materials and inferior caster raw materials
Comparison-between-high quality and low quality bearings
Strong Caster Packaging vs Fragile Caster Packaging

If you need a reliable caster supplier, then we are, because we are always pursuing to be better.

1. High-quality raw materials: Bullcaster’s casters are injection molded from new plastic particles, and the thickness of the wheels is higher than that in the industry. The average level ensures the load-carrying capacity and impact resistance of our wheels.

2. Better bearings: we have always selected high-quality bearings to ensure the smoothness, flexibility and better silent effect of the wheel rotation.

3. Better package: We will pack each product firmly to ensure that the casters will not be damaged during transportation, and do our best to reduce customer risks.

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