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BullCaster is a caster wheels factory that has specialized in producing caster wheels for more than 10 years. 

It’s located in Guangdong Province China. Here castors are our main products including industrial casters, light-duty casters, medium-duty casters, heavy-duty casters, furniture casters, trolley wheels, medical casters, etc. 

If you’re just looking for a casters supplier, we’re probably just one of thousands of options.

Why Us - Manufacturer of High Quality Casters

The reason why we have always maintained a leading position in the casters industry.

Comparison of high-quality caster raw materials and inferior caster raw materials

No Recycled Plastic Materials

In order to ensure the quality of wheels, we do not use secondary recycled plastic particles to produce casters, so as to ensure that the casters have good load capacity and will not deform.

Comparison of different quality wheel bracket steel plates

No Recycled Metal Materials

We do not use recycled steel as the support frame of the casters. Recycled steel will cause the casters to be unable to load weight, easily deformed, and broken.

Comparison-between-high quality and low quality bearings

No Inferior Bearings

Inferior bearings will greatly reduce the load capacity of the casters, which will lead to many dangers. We only use high-quality carbon steel bearings and bearing steel bearings to ensure the safe use of casters.

Strong Caster Packaging vs Fragile Caster Packaging

Robustness of Caster Packaging

It is very unpleasant for customers to receive goods in damaged packages. We use pp bags + cartons + woven bags + waterproof membranes + pallets to package the goods to ensure the safety of casters.

Great Team - Save Your Energy and Time

If you are looking for a strong and reliable partner, we are definitely the right and necessary one.



  • 5 years experience in caster sales.
  • Serving 100+ customers
  • Annual sales of 1 million US dollars.
  • Customer Evaluation: 5 stars.


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  • 8 years experience in caster sales.
  • Serving 200+ customers
  • Annual sales of 2 million US dollars.
  • Customer Evaluation: 5 stars.

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