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Light Duty Castor Wheel Sreies

Light-duty casters and wheels are mainly suitable for low-demand applications with a load capacity of up to 200 kg(440 lbs). They are designed for speeds of up to 3 km/h and are therefore more suitable for indoor use. Choice of many different tread materials, such as thermoplastic rubber, solid rubber, soft rubber, thermoplastic polyurethane, Extrathane® or nylon, each with their own different characteristics

cream color light duty PP casters

Light Duty PP Caster

Load capacity: 60-110kg

mid-light duty PU caster

Light Duty PU Caster

Load capacity: 60-75kg

stainless steel caster wheels series

Light Duty SUS Caster

Load capacity: 30-50kg

light duty TPR stainless steel caster wheels

Light Duty TPR Caster

Load capacity: 60-110kg

tpr tiny casters

Small Tiny Caster

Load capacity: 10-25kg


Custom Caster

Custom caster’s hole distance, bracket, load, etc.

● We do not list all caster models on our website, contact us for you needs.

Our Light Duty Castor Features

Multi Size

We have more than 200 light duty casters sku to meet your needs, you can choose the best light duty casters according to your actual needs.


Our lightweight casters are made of high-quality non-recycled raw materials and strong metal brackets,This ensures the quality of the wheels..


If you have customized requirements for light casters, such as mounting hole distance, wheel size, material, etc., we can do it.


We have a complete caster supply chain to ensure our casters have high quality and affordable prices. Contact us now for samples.


China Top Light Duty Caster Factory

BullCaster is a professional light-duty caster wheels manufacturer and supplier.

It’s located in Guangdong Province China. we supply high-quality light-duty caster wheels, machine casters, and PU, PA, PP, and Steel casters. etc. 

We sell more than 500000 wheels per year, and over 200+ customers choose to cooperate with us every year. We look forward to working with you!

Why Choose Bullcaster to Be Your Casters Supplier?

The reason why we have always maintained a leading position in the casters industry.

Comparison of high-quality caster raw materials and inferior caster raw materials

No Recycled Plastic Materials

In order to ensure the quality of casters, we do not use secondary recycled plastic particles to produce casters, so as to ensure that the casters have good load-bearing capacity and will not deform.

Comparison of different quality wheel bracket steel plates

No Recycled Steel Materials

We do not use recycled steel as the support frame of the casters. Recycled steel will cause the casters to be unable to bear weight, easily deformed and broken.

Comparison of high-quality caster bearing lubricating oil and inferior caster lubricating oil

No Inferior Lubricating Oil

Inferior lubricating oil usually contains impurities, which will to some extent cause the steel balls of the bearings to wear and reduce the service life of the casters.

Strong Caster Packaging vs Fragile Caster Packaging

Robustness of Caster Packaging

It is very unpleasant for customers to receive goods in damaged packages. We use pp bags + cartons + woven bags + waterproof membranes + pallets to package the goods to ensure the safety of casters.

Light Duty Casters Purchase Steps and Delivery

We ensure that our work with customers is fast and efficient.


Determine Your Needs

You just need to tell us your needs, and we will provide you with suitable caster solutions.


Confirm Order

Our consultants confirm the details of the order with the customer, including general, custom requirements, etc.



After receiving the deposit, our factory will arrange caster production.


Daily Updates

We will update the production process of the casters for the customer.


Final Product

The casters have undergone strict quality testing and are packed tightly



Plate packing and fast delivery, including sea, land, and air.

Our expert will reply to you soon.

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